Divine Love Inspirer Of Selfless Acts

We are exceedingly blessed to have living in and acting through/with us, the most purely unselfish spiritual reality known in the universe, and, that is none other than the indwelling Spirit of Love—an actual spirit-fragment of the living God; therefore, no matter how much we struggle with self-centeredness, this bona fide altruistic spirit ever urges, nudges, prompts, guides, and directs us to adopt the more divine propensity of acting instead, from our Spirit’s ensouled love-hub—God within—and thereof, experience the augmenting exhilaration and delight of an ever-increasing people-consciousness.

To gently, firmly, and persistently liberate one’s personality from the limitations of self-love, and fully embrace the interior Spirit’s unstinting, all-wise, all-inclusive, affectionate caring, and devoted sharing of a selfless love, indelibly influences one to act as God would; for the Divine Spirit in collaborative inner-action, when unhindered, and generously bestowed upon one another, we become decidedly, mutually touched with Godliness in the process; for all this personalizing spiritual ministry is intimately a part of our Creator’s divinely sanctioned, and shared, evolutionary plan of participatory, experiential, perfecting love-actions, divinely prescribed for each and every soul.

This unselfish characteristic of the indwelling Spirit of Love—the God-Self—inspires one toward deeds of amazing and astounding love acts of selfless devotion, loving service, and self-sacrificing support; for to creatively strive to give to the needs of others, is truly divine and, God-inspired; furthermore, to allow oneself to be uplifted into the heavenly air of supreme joy, by following the divine lead of the loving selflessness of the inner Spirit, by taking love initiatives to its spiritual heights, in fraternal service, and loving relations, is to divinely act in accordance with our Creator’s all-lovingness; and, by acting in this self-giving manner, we will most certainly, become ever-more activated, animated, and actionable in the selfless loving ways of God-as-love.


Divine Love Stimulates Greatheartedness

Divine and spiritual love gives eternal rise and outlet—in and through the responsive heart—of the virtuous, altruistic divine fruits of the spirit—of the indwelling Spirit of Love—causing an openhearted, unselfishness to surface, and come to socializing light; for the love-liberated, love-saturated individual is steeped in lovingkindness, and, galvanized to positively bring forth, and benevolently express the spiritualizing spirit-essence, of the all-loving God-presence, who continuously imparts to one and all, a graciousness of personality, a charitableness of mind, and a bigheartedness of soul; therefore, it rest upon each of us, to carry this budding greatheartedness to full-fledged realization upon the world stage of interrelations.

Infinite and universal love unceasingly stimulates, divinely energizes, and spiritually animates a liberality and generosity of spirit that beautifully inspires loving attitudes, and winning performances of compassionate humanitarianism, beneficent neighborliness, bountiful goodwill, and loving service, that superlatively gives the highest consideration and, the greatest respect of an idealistic love, to each and every person, now, and for all time to come; thus, divine love can open wide the stupendous spiritual capacities of the heart, and, conjointly and gently release, the endowed divine grace, and spiritual glory of the inner Spirit of God’s love, and nature.

Eternal and agape love, in its exalting freeness of unconditional loving, magnanimously proclaims, and divinely produces a profoundly high-spirited, truly serviceable, genuinely hospitable, creative warmheartedness; thereby, stimulating the willingness and courageousness to offer up the small-self, in favor of the sweet divine flavor of the indwelling God-Self of limitless spiritual wealth, and everlasting health; for divine love is a mighty stimulus toward a wholehearted, worldwide, spiritual awakening of greatheartedness, ever-revealing the infinitely volitional, personal will, and divine character of our all-loving Creator, the Universal First Person of Love, emanating from one’s eternalizing heart-soul-space, in which, God’s operating center of love is situated and based.


The Spiritualizing Activities Of The Spirit Of Love

Presently, there are essential spiritualizing activities occurring, mostly unknown, in the upper mind zone—the superconscious realm; this divine enterprise, of our lovable God-Self, optimally and necessarily, advances as a collaborative endeavor, for the indwelling Spirit of Love seeks our freewill, sincere, experiential, united, and loving participation; how enthralling it is, to be granted spirit-sight—faith-vision—to assist the tireless inner Spirit of God, to more effectively enact those spiritual initiatives centered in creative love, living truth, and far-seeing wisdom, ultimately, to effect the entire transformation of one’s divinizing being in eternal union.

We needn’t search beyond our very own beloved, divinely affable, inseparable companion and, most loving bosom spirit-friend—the uniquely individualized spirit-gift of the Universal Creator—to tap in, and flow-forth our highest good, purest love, greatest truth, and sublimest beauty; our Creator, through profuse, munificent, unceasing love, and promising reassurance, inspires us to faith forward, to a future life of joyful service, spiritual perfection, and spirit attainment; hence, all this awe-inspiring divine activity happening within us, tunes us to the divine key of the leading of the Spirit; therefore, by reciprocating spirit-personality osmosis, we are destined to become more God-knowing, Godlike, and Godly.

We are indeed capable, to wholly adopt and convey, the ongoing spiritualization of thought and feeling—inclusive of purification from unspiritual emotions—to fully embrace the enlightening, divine shaping of mind, spiritizing of soul, and enlargement of personality; all progressively eternalized, by submitting to the spiritually activating and divinely actuating, program, plan, and assignment of alignment with our inner Spirit, now, and forevermore; consequently, there will never come to an end, the living revelation of the glorious personality, divine nature, and infinite attributes of the eternal God of love, who has magnificently begun the spiritualizing activities of an eternity, by way of the bestowed indwelling Spirit of Love.


The Soul’s Accord With The Inmost Spirit Of Love

There is a dynamic, one of a kind, potentially eternal, loving, spiritualizing relationship of the highest order, ensuing—in co-operation—between one’s developing soul and the indwelling Spirit of Love; this spiritual partnership of everlasting import, is weaved of the mind’s faithful determinations—having spiritual value—in harmonious, and loving accord with one’s inner Spirit; whose divine, spiritual interrelation begets the enduring reality of the embryonic soul, upon the initial moral decision of the choosing child personality of moral discernment.

The Spirit of God within, seeks the undivided loving embrace of one’s growing soul, and spiritizing personality—of singular identity—in everlasting fusion; our bestowed gift of pure spirit-essence—the indwelling Spirit—comes to us direct from the all-loving heart of God; assuring an endless life of spiritual progress, intellectual development, and increasing Godliness, that we may become superbly proficient in the ways of the spirit—spiritually perfected—in preparation, one day in eternity, to at long last, attain the very presence of God, face-to-face, as it were, with our all-beautiful Maker, the Original Personality of love.

We, the children of God, are lovingly and wisely guided to be in full-accord, as one, in loving relations with our inner Spirit-Self; and, in wholehearted response, and according to the universal invitation-command sent forth from the Infinite One: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect;” this phenomenal God-given love-gift from our spirit-parent, provides us with all things necessary for our spiritual education, soul training, mind progression, and overall wherewithal to consummate, inevitably, the spiritual perfection of personality, purpose, and divinity attainment; the supreme joy of living, surviving, and thriving, through our spiritual becoming, is in truth, what our Creator desires, and what the soul requires, to be in everlasting accord with the God of love, who accomplishes this, through the ministry of the inmost Spirit of Love.


The Moral And Ethical Obligations Of Divine Love

Divine love is predicated upon a universally moral and cosmically ethical foundation of personal upright conduct, and, righteous principles of societal deportment, that establishes a guiding, functional, spiritual rectitude for the collective body of humanity, stimulative, and demonstrative of a spiritualizing moral culture of progressive spiritual values and divine meanings, centered in, and fashioned after the perfect righteousness of the incorruptible nature of the Eternal One of infinite love, who loves every person exclusively, equally, and eternally. May we be morally courageous, and ethically fearless in advancing the spiritual upstanding love-charge of our higher inner God-Self.

According to the divinity-way of personalized being and socialized becoming, there’s always the right manner of doing things; thus, virtuous truth, and divine goodness effectually performs, as divine love unselfishly informs, the ethical and moral code of innumerable beings, assuring, and maintaining, the smooth running of an immense universe of universes of diversified orders of personalities, living in familial unity, whose God-head and Divine-heart is the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite Parent of all creation, in whom, all souls have life, and are lovingly directed to espouse the progressive evolutionary process of spiritual mastery, attainment of Godlikeness, and, God-finding.

We’re each beholden, and duty-bound to uphold the integrity of a universal moral and ethical imperative, in which individual accountability, makes one obliged to confer the greatest respect, understanding, compassion, and love upon others; the sacred practice of the golden rule—doing to others what you would have them do to you—now progresses to a higher level of applied love, doing so, as we think-feel-know God would; therefore, divine love is not without its growing demands of moral and ethical obligations, toward all beings, for such is the eternally righteous, loving spirit, and limitless goodness of God operating within us, and in our very midst, through an infinity of love.


The Inextinguishable Light Of Infinite Love

Divine Love makes one super-bright with living-light, conferring spirit-soul-sight, and illuminating the awakened heart who yields to the indwelling Spirit’s ascending course of spirit-personality flight, all through the mortal night, and into the morning of spiritual glory, en route to the highest height, to finally enter, the paradisiacal shores of the Eternal Isle of Light and Life, and receive the everlasting embrace of the First Source and Universal Love Center; by following God’s unfailing light of infinite love, and wholly unite, with our all-loving inner Spirit—who divinely reinforces our faith-hold and ever-increasing spiritual might—we will always be lovingly led by the divine spirits of the true, the good, and the right.

As we soulfully cite, the spiritually warming invite, of the imperishable interior-light, of our glorious Creator, who loves us outright, whose innermost-presence is so strikingly lovely and divinely polite, who creates that all-consuming spiritual appetite, while inpouring, for outpouring, pure love, that’s such a supernal delight; rejoice, in the assurances of utter deliverance from any and every challenging plight, beyond all fear and fright; what’s more, as receiver-givers of universal love and eternal light, we may heartily ignite, the Creator’s loving will, with ever-greater skill, perfecting intuitive feel, and, an ever-inspiring, irrepressible love-light that we can wisely, creatively, patiently, altruistically, and lovingly expedite.

Enfolded affectionately in the spiritual light of infinite love, that will never go dark; enlightened, brightened, and divinely lit with an uncontainable divine spark, we can now reverently hark, to the progressive internal revelations of our inseparable love-perfect Divine Spirit, and fully embark, upon the spiritualizing and immortalizing inward and upward arc, of an inextinguishable universally diffused light, leaving its indelible spiritual mark, upon one’s spiritualizing soul, in pursuit of the eternal goal, of God-realization, God-knowing, and God-serving, with the liberating, transforming, and empowering faith-insight, of infinite love’s indestructible light.


The Being And Doing Of The Spirit Of Love

The secret of our potential eternal personhood, resides within us, as the all-beautiful, living truth, pure energy, and infinite goodness of the Creator’s heavenly presence and individualized divine gift, the Spirit of Love, our realest self and truest beingness, whose invaluable soul-saving spiritual acts, and creative love doings, requires our divinely coupled, altruistic love expressions be extended outward, in augmenting oneness, willing co-operation, working accord, and progressive harmonization with our mind domiciled God-Spirit.

As we learn to sincerely, and wholeheartedly be in and of the spirit, while becoming ever-proficient in consistently carrying out the blended spiritual ministry of the indwelling Spirit of Love, the teachings of the Spirit of Truth, with the added guidance of the Holy Spirit, upon the world stage of ethical relationships and moral associations; henceforth, in the compassionate spirit and spiritizing exemplification of our beloved Creator, spiritually, unselfishly, and with lovingkindness, we will, by divine grace, steadily evolve in Godlikeness, and thus essentially, collectively contribute to the universal factualization of an Almighty Love Supreme.

We have the divine privilege—now and forevermore—of being as our innermost companioned Spirit of Love is—in nature and nurture—by fostering a spirit-born character activated and conditioned by pure love, in living a life of divine truth, grounded in wisdom, by exemplifying the qualities of spiritual beauty, and selflessly serving each other through the eternal good and infinite love of God; moreover, furthering our spiritual being and becoming, by freely and joyfully doing the loving personal will of our Creator, in all relations—friends, and foes—with a righteous execution of loving deeds, envisioned and formulated in one’s divinizing mind, and immortalizing soul, and, achieved through the spirit-directed actions of the body, all unified by one’s spiritualizing personality, purposed and led by the timeless being and eternalizing doings of our inner Spirit of Love.


The Dominance Of Good In A Universe Of Love

The all-embracing universal dominance of divine goodness is an integral part of the personality and nature of God who is love, and though not an entirely prevalent attitude, tendency, or effort of the people of the world, nor reigning supreme in every individual heart, nevertheless, it certainly prevails throughout the universe of universes; and, in the fullness of time, the morally correct, ethical way of goodness—according to the personal will-of-love of our adored Creator—good, and goodwill, will be, in every way, the order of the day, the divine design for all humankind.

We can always, with abiding faith-trust, wholly depend on the omnipresent loving goodness of God, as the all-encompassing, reassuring spiritual atmosphere, and all-pervasive reality-presence of the Infinite One; this all-reaching divinity of goodness, is characteristic, and expressive of the well-nigh countless personalities of love of a vast cosmos, who truly act in the spirit of an ethical code of righteousness, high virtues, exalted meanings, and spiritual ideals, intrinsic to the true nature and creative workings of universal love, and the ever-adaptable living truth, whose spiritual symmetry is exquisitely poised with divine goodness, ever-revealing great spiritual beauty.

With absolute surety, can we depend upon the truth that, “all things work together for good to those who love God,” as a verity of existence, the very ground of being, whose everlasting foundation is the Eternal One of infinite love, limitless goodness, and unparalleled beauty, in whom we live, and who lives in us. In the sometime uncertain moments, we can, with faith-vision, hold fast upon the inspiring actuality of God’s eternal goodness emerging in the hearts of humanity; bathed in the outpoured Spirit of Truth, embosomed in the Holy Spirit, and indwelt by the Spirit of Love, we can be confident of living in a universe dominant in goodness and infinite in love.


The Energetics Of Divine Love

Divine love is energetically dynamic, fully alive, possessing the eternal and infinite spiritedness of our all-loving Creator, whose loving spirit lives in, and loves through us; what’s more, this indwelling Spirit—our ever-present God-Self—is a wholly giving, actively free-flowing phenomenon, fostering the outgoing liveliness of true love, which seeks to be liberated through one’s love activated soul; this living love energizes the whole person—if not hindered by resistance, which can drain the energies—thus, true love is ever supplementing, enhancing, and increasing one’s endowed core-life-energy.

Our Creator’s regenerative and reassuring love is indeed endlessly lively with righteous goodness, positively life-giving with exhilarating joy, ebulliently uplifting with divine beauty, and spiritually inspirational with re-energizing and enlivening truth; this refreshing breath of living spirit-love is vitally stimulating, and wondrously animates the spiritual imagination, awakening higher levels of enlightened creativity and loving verve. Divinely centered within the depths of our heart-mind there pulsates the pure boundless love energy of the indwelling God-Spirit, seeking to pass through the personality unencumbered, for generous bestowal upon others; and, as divine love freely moves too and through us, we come alive with new life, even the gift of life everlasting.

Infinite and eternal love—it can at times be felt as a inner warming, and/or enveloping loving divine presence—readily moves in and through one’s personhood in growing, progressive, and perfecting oneness with the leading love-flow of the inspiriting and spiritualizing activities of the indwelling Spirit of Love; if we are sincerely spirit-minded and spiritually-hearted to faithfully combine and intelligently harmonize human and divine energies with love acts, loving attitudes, and lovely behaviors, we can certainly facilitate and eventually stabilize the vital energetics of divine love with increasing efficiency, spirited wholesomeness, and vibrant grace, whose energizing truth experientially reveals the electrifying, dynamic, and compelling power of God’s love.


The Triumph Of Love Divine

May we spiritually campaign—through loving service, and loveful relating—from heart-to-heart, with undying faith, for the inexorable ascendency of divine love, whose inevitable victory is at hand; for irrespective of how much this planet is selfishly mismanaged—it is revealed—our precious world will one day be divinely ruled with infinite love, and, the everlasting establishment of the Universal Creator’s sovereign will-of-love; even now, love-embraced souls can count themselves triumphant, for every person who chooses the way of spiritual love, life, and light functions increasingly in harmonious alignment with the indwelling Spirit of Love, and, the supreme values, and divine ethics of a universe.

May we, in truth, divinely love, undeterred by the prevalence of temporary lovelessness, and sustain the good fight of universal love, assured of its eventual triumph, knowing that, armed with faith and spiritual power, regardless of time, victory is inescapable, and will gloriously prevail; for in and through the Creator’s love we are all family, sons and daughters of the Father-Motherhood of God, eternally secured in a love dominant universe; surely, our Creator’s all-conquering love, and all-wise divine plan shall not fail; therefore, as we side with divine love, we abide in the eternal truth of a universally winning goodness.

Let us utterly rejoice in the epoch-making revelation, that, in evolutionary time, the loving will of God is destined to reign supreme throughout this very world, for eternal love, spiritual beauty, infinite goodness, and living truth is truly unvanquishable, and will, undoubtedly, forever overcome any and all things, and, rest assured, all that is not of true love will surely pass away; may we forward on—by all loving means—the highest-vision of love’s heavenly dominance with unshakable faith, while holding one another in the healing light of love, ever-knowing full well, that the triumph of love divine is unavoidable.


The Creative And Transforming Spirit Of Love

The unceasing creative works and divine labors of the all-wise spirit of the Creator’s indwelling divine presence, is ever done in our behalf by and through infinite love; and, if open-heartedly received, shared, and lived, will absolutely have a transforming effect upon one’s total being, temporally and eternally—collectively, bringing about the spiritual, moral-ethical transformation of humankind; this personalized Godly touch—and planetary embrace—of spiritual love is a powerful change-agent, that will surely elevate and transport us to higher levels of God-knowingness, spirit-comprehension, and spiritual understanding.

The Creator’s love, given from the heart of the soul-spirit union of the inner God-Self, will profoundly ignite one’s creative and spiritual imagination to delve ever-deeper into the extraordinary spiritual possibilities brought to inner-view—according to our acuity of faith-vision—effectively inspiring those enlightened choices that will certainly have life changing results, now, and forevermore; this perfect love is what every normal-minded person seeks—consciously or unconsciously—and in the fullness of time, on this very world and beyond, we shall insightfully look through transmuted eyes, and truly feel from a transfigured heart, the apparent transformation of our advancing, spiritualizing being.

The evolutionary process of personal and progressive metamorphosis, is given a mighty spiritual boost by the loving actions, righteous acts, and affectionate devotions of the Divine Spirit, spiritually wedded to one’s heart-and-soul; and, if we’re intelligently patient and wisely diligent, we will in truth, bear the fruits of the Spirit abundantly, with increased fruitfulness of loving and joyous creative service, jointly done with the gracious spirit and divine goodness of our tireless God-Self; the eyes anew, will luminously sparkle, the soul afresh, will radiantly exude, and the organizing personality will lovingly behold for oneself, and the substantiation of others, the validity of the truth of the creative and transforming power of the upstanding and indwelling Spirit of Love.


The World Ministry Of Divine Love

There’s a unified spiritual ministry of the lovingly bestowed Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of Love, advancing planetary and evolutionary spiritual progression—inclusive of the whole human family, in close and loving relations with our celestial ministers—seeking to teach truth, spiritually enlighten, and, inspire all souls to achieve their spiritual heights through the mastery of the Spirit; at this very moment there’s a worldwide leading of humanity toward the spirit-perception of the spiritual presence of the Universal Creator, enabling everyone who may, to personally experience the faith-fact of daughter-sonship with God.

A spiritual world ministry is presently upon us, making known the planetary and personal goal of a divine destiny; through the sanctification and spiritualization of the inner-life of each soul, higher planes of spiritual living, enhanced faith, enriched loving service, and the sublime reaching of divine heights is materializing; infinite love, eternal goodness, and divine truth is being spread abroad in all hearts by the Creator’s all-pervading ministering spirit-presence, stimulating a faith-hope that transcends all fear; thus, having started out on the way of life everlasting, we may, with certainty, partake in the immeasurable blessings of spirit-identification, and seize the universal opportunity to ultimately attain the loving Person of God.

Let us rejoice in the realization that the world is enveloped by multiple spiritual energies, forces, influences, and spirit-ministrations of loving grace, living truth, and divine goodness, acting in oneness with the personalized high spiritual urges of the indwelling God-Spirit, and the overministry of a love Supreme—we’re all affectionately embraced by the Universal Heart Source and Center of infinite love—and, in alliance with our loving spirit-ministers, we become vital contributors to the presently unifying spirit-ministries that are lovingly actualizing, and wisely fostering divine realities embodying spiritual ideals, for the betterment, spiritualization, transformation, peace, and love of all the world.


The Spiritual Vanguard Of Divine Love

There’s an unceasing progressive leading of the Infinite One’s spirit of love, at work forging the spiritual advancement of our evolving planet toward a newer, better day of higher ideals, greater morals-ethics, and superior values-meanings, presently enlightening the hearts and minds of humanity upon the revelatory cutting-edge of the truth that is, and is to be, promulgated by the all-wise mandates and living love of our beloved Creator; a divine program and spiritual plan directing us to the vanguard of light, life, and love is now being spiritually written upon the hearts of all humankind.

Inspired emissaries, spiritual torchbearers and teachers, consecrated ministers, God-knowing leaders, and fearless devotees of divine truth, supernal beauty, eternal goodness and infinite love are gathering worldwide to pioneer a more spiritualized and civilized planetary reality, spearheading a spiritual furtherance of all earthly and divine relationships; there’s a dawning of a new order of spiritual living and divine governance upon us, enlarging the God-consciousness of the world, influencing, galvanizing, and encouraging every man, woman, and child toward the establishment and mastery of a spiritual character rooted in the righteousness of divine love.

There are faithful spiritual forerunners advancing the unprecedented creative unfoldment of the Creator’s divine design for our world; an innovative new wave of love animated souls, inspired by the Spirit of Love dwelling in the human heart, is currently ushering in exalting, ennobling, virtuous, and groundbreaking spiritual levels of human and divine relations, anchored in the perfect love of our Creator—whose spirit-presence lives amongst and within us—heralding the supreme and living signs of divine surety, escalating a global movement toward the ascending spiritual heights of divine citizenship, the sanctity of loving service, and, increasing Godlikeness; be assured, a spiritual vanguard is now afoot throughout the world whose harbinger is the everywhere-present Spirit of Love and Truth.


Divine Love Is Spiritually Rehabilitating

How spiritually refreshing to experience the deeply soothing, and profoundly healing spiritual balm of the affectionately touching, inner-presence of the all-loving Creator’s indwelling Spirit; even the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, inwardly enveloping all people, is working in oneness with the Spirit of Love, providing an health-giving love-tonic, heartfelt solace, spiritual rejuvenation, and merciful forgiveness, to replenish, revitalize, and reenergize, according to the individual requirements of every soul; no matter what the problematic addiction, the spiritual agencies of divine love, wisdom, and truth, definitively have a neutralizing, rehabilitating, counteracting effect on the receptive soul.

The Spirit of Love maintains an inner-sanctuary of ongoing spiritual regeneration, constantly reinvigorating one’s being, restoring the broken hearted, lost souls, and the spiritually, mentally, and physically afflicted; all people—even by their faith—have inherently, phenomenal healing reserves within; and, bound up in the vast potentials of the personality, in concert with the Divine Spirit, there is to be found the mind renewing, soulfully therapeutic, and curative qualities of divine love, presently, in sanctifying operation throughout the heart-stream of humanity; and thereby, all souls are called to be love-conduits to intensify the magnitude of the healing power of true love everywhere in the world.

The leadings of the inner Spirit of Love is course corrective, ever-guiding the amenable soul away from the self-destructive forces of any and all negativity; thankfully, there is no adversity of lasting permanence that may infringe upon the soul of which infinite love cannot redeem, recuperate, revive, and readapt the faith-trusting person to a transformative sense of wholeness, for all people are empowered—by the gift of freewill choice—to stave off each and every influence that goes against the forces of good, for such abiding goodness is indicative of the Creator’s ever-loving presence, rectifying, rehabilitating, and spiritualizing all responsive souls through the divine auspices of pure love.


The Unselfish Urge To Divinely Love

The indwelling Spirit of Love is without a doubt the inexhaustible fount of that unselfish love urge lightly springing up from within, at times bypassing the inclination of one’s mind toward self-centered, preferential, and conditional loving; the more selfless love-expression continually upwelling in the spiritualizing heart to truly and divinely love, indicates the eternally benevolent nature and, infinitely generous character of the Creator’s spirit-presence actively percolating in the soul, and constantly seeking to surface and clothe one’s whole being and all people in the spirit-light of true love; and, as we become more spiritedly sparked and thoroughly imbued by agape love the fraternal sister-brotherhood of humanity is absolutely forthcoming.

The spirit nudging and divine prompting ongoing within oneself may sometimes emerge spontaneously and unconsciously, however, we can intentionally and purposely cultivate, integrate, and sustain with spiritual deliberation a freewill hands-on approach, extending and reciprocating real love to others, and our Creator, whose divine inner-attendance, selflessly spurs us on to the progressively spiritual, even personal religious experience of divinely and altruistically loving as an act of harmonizing union with our Creator, whose infinite love is ever-flowing and bursting to be liberated from the instrumentality of one’s love-awakened heart.

There is a soul-activating internal love stimulus that is the veritable pulsation of the Creator’s spirit that lives and loves from within us, whose sincere embracement and genuine manifestation requires we love in kind, to become ever-more divine, and, as we come to discern its sublime, gentle, frequently subtle spiritizing sign, by the course of its delicately powerful rising in our love sparked mind, by allowing this spiritual love right of way to do and say, according to the righteousness of divine love’s guiding play, we may, likewise, come to fully love as naturally as night turns to day, and thus unselfishly spiritually portray, our inner-Spirit’s ever-urging divinely loving sway.


Divine Love Is Positively Contagious

Divine love is highly transmissible, its unceasing circulation through the variegated emotional heart-stream of humanity is spreading by contagion of contact with love fragrant souls; those spirit-lit minds who consciously exist in, live for, and breathe the life of true love, reside ever-more closely with the God of love, of whom, we all dwell in, and who lives in us, whose ubiquitous love is always in motion to reach and touch every soul, for the dynamism of pure love requires it be continually released to be increased—ultimately precipitating into a worldwide epidemic of activated-living-love.

Because we literally live and love, actually move and progress, and veritably have our being in God the Beloved, we have in-heart, an outwardly free-flowing, gracefully fluidic, divinely communicable, uncontainable dynamical love that is spiritually infectious; this purifying love, that heals as it reveals, when lovingly administered, is a spiritual antidote for all maladies of the heart and soul, and, inspires the deepest, truest, and most touching affection, sincere understanding, and forgiving compassion for our fellow human beings, exemplary of our all-loving Creator, who, with infinite love immunizes and saves the soul from extinction.

This ever-spreading love divine is very catching—we’re all susceptible whether we know it or not—in its purest spiritual form, and creative outreach; what’s more, the Universal Creator, who is life eternal, love infinite, and omnipresent unity, in whom all things consist, and all personalities are centered, in all-love, for all-time, loves all equally; and, as we evolve in divine love, the Spirit of Love supremely evolves in us, for infinite love is an eternal part of the pure Deity of the First Great Source and Love Center, whose essence of infinity dwells in us, and in the fullness of time even this world will inevitably be made whole by this all-embracing, and highly contagious spiritual love.


Our Divine Spirit Nucleus Is Infinite In Love

Our God-Self is the inner spirit nucleus of the Universal Creator of love, whose gifted heavenly presence is the living locus, wherein the supreme relationship of ourself and the all-beautiful, all-loving indwelling Spirit—who initiates and embodies the spiritual potential of our immortal soul and eternal personality—converges; and, in mutual co-operation, to an ever-increasing extent, we’re interdependently—through love—fostering the soul-saving eternalization of an integrated, One-in-one interconnection with our mind-centered inner-Spirit—who enables us to spiritually soar, and worshipfully adore, through loving faith, the Divine Heart, inwardly residing as our everlasting spirit-core.

The governing spiritual power of this centralized inlying spirit of loving divinity is ever influenced, and abides by, our definitive whole-souled attitude, in recognition and execution—or lack thereof—of the divine will, for we are the determiners of the differential spiritual impact and effectualness of this divine presence of infinite love in our hearts and minds by our deliberate and sustained choices, the wholehearted decisions of mind, and the constant determinations of our personal will; when in agreement with the directives of the spiritualizing purpose, assignment, plan, and program of the attuning Spirit of Love, we in turn become ever-more Godlike, thus orienting our progressive ascension ever-Godward.

Our inherent freewill reactions and, sovereign liberty of choosing, in loving accord with the Universal Heart and Primal Personality of love, gives us the wherewithal of spirit insight to wisely select the ordained pathway, according to the divine leading of the indwelling Spirit, who bestows increasing spiritual presence in loving response to meeting one’s persistent spiritualization of thought, sincere motives, and faithful determinations; thereby, are we increasingly governed by our supernal Spirit-Self, in following the all-wise dictates of the gentle will of divinity, rising in spirit as we harmonize, synchronize, and spiritualize in the sublime manner of our Divine Spirit nucleus of infinite love.


Infinite Love The Divinely Beatific

There is a vibrate holy joy reverberating from the inner-spirit pulsations of the Divine Heart, who, with infinite love, spiritually adjusts the mind, and tunes the soul to exalted heights of spiritual elation, and, lovingly infuses the heart with a beatific goodness, and the enrapturing beauty of thrilling truth; this divinely inflowing and outgoing ecstatic spirit-love of the Eternal One, wills that all souls be blissfully inspired with spiritual rejoicing in the uplifting experience of truly loving one another, in oneness with the Creator’s indwelling Spirit of divine love.

The Spirit of Love’s innermost presence, and spiritually animating essence, is a love-joy entity, transmitting supreme happiness, superlative delight, and supernal blessedness to the love embraced soul; additionally, conferring a joyful, enduring peace to the personality, a heavenly state of exhilarating satisfaction, spiritual exultation, and, divine jubilation within one’s love touched, spiritually enamored heart; thus endowing the gladdened soul with a spiritual serenity and numinous beatitude, that reflects and projects the Creator’s highly personal all-lovingness, that unceasingly seeks altruistic expression through one’s spiritualizing heart.

For those who have found and, come to truly know the wonder-filling jubilance of the inmost God-Self of beatific love, there is an increasing celestial happiness that accrues, and rhapsodically permeates one’s whole being, en route to reaching others with the spiritual joy of divine love; as the human family becomes more enchantingly heart impressed and joyously filled with a pure love that is beatifically peaceful, divinely happy, and spiritually triumphant, the world over is destined to eventually become gloriously exultant in an elevating, escalating God-consciousness, and heartened with good cheer in the ever-growing sanctity of a loving exuberance, even now, spreading throughout the planet; rest assured, this blessed earthly sphere of ascending souls will inevitably come to realize a divinely beatific world, affectionately enfolded by the Eternal Creator of infinite love.


Our Soul Bond With The Spirit Of Love

There is a sublimity of integration, a divine fusing, a gradually growing, indissoluble, bonding relationship with the indwelling Spirit of Love, who is presently, tirelessly and lovingly at work spiritually merging with each spirit-born soul; a living compact—eternally binding—is actively transpiring within every spiritizing heart and mind—especially those souls who are supremely desirous of securing the divine gift of immortal life; moreover, this Divine Spirit of limitless love, is the very spirit actuality of our all-loving Creator, whose universal personality circuit, provides for and maintains, direct interconnection and instantaneous contact with every personalized being.

There is a blending spirit-soul collaboration, an amalgamating companionship, a heavenly synthesis, and an melding spiritual attachment of the highest, purest order, now in process, evolving within us, that consistently reveals the perfect will-of-love of the Divine Heart, who determines our soul-bond of eternal union in the promise of the progressive spiritualization of living truth, infinite love, boundless goodness, divine light, supernal beauty and, ever-perfecting spirit development, according to the Creator’s preordained way, ever pointing Paradiseward, to the eternal Isle of Light, Life, and Love, and the personality recognition attainment, and transcendent embrace of the Universal Creator.

The spiritualizing person is currently faced—and ever will be—with freely, and unreservedly accepting the spiritual assurances that are now accruing in the divinizing heart through the revelatory, guiding directives, and fostering providence of the soul-bonding Divine Spirit, that forthwith, in liaison, with one’s wholehearted consecration, sacred covenant, unconditional alliance, and supreme conviction to the universal purpose, perfecting ascension plan, and absolute eternalization of the soul bonded in personality unification with the indwelling Spirit of Love—the unfailing carrier and transcriber of all our experientially acquired, spiritually imperishable divine values, and, the unending revealer of the all-loving nature, infinite attributes, glorious character, and primal personality of the God of love.


The Universal Creator Is Living Love

From the eternal abode at the center of all things, in infinite perfection, the Universal Creator descends to lovingly fraternize with every last individual; therefore, we can rest assured of divine fellowship with an actual fragment of the living God, whose spirit resides within the intellect of all normal-minded and morally-conscious people; thus, it is not necessary to go farther than one’s own inner-experience of the soul’s contemplation of God’s spiritual-reality, to make direct personal contact, and lovingly commune with the Creator’s indwelling spirit presence—which is an absolute part of the Infinite One’s eternal Deity.

Through spiritual faith-vision, as a inner-spirit truth-seeker, one is destined to come upon the inexpressible generosity of the majesty of God’s love, who divinely desires the loving association of every created being; let us rejoice with bona fide adoration, in recognition of the Creator’s lovable nature, endearing attributes, and, the ever-present possibility of immediate intercommunication with God’s bestowed personalizing spirit, dwelling in one’s own mind, spiritually intertwined, intimately attached, and lovingly associated with one’s immortal soul and spiritualizing self—of joint mind and spirit creation.

The Creator’s precious spiritual endowment is equal and unique to all, making everyone equally privileged to have devotional communion with the indwelling Spirit of divine origin; the great God of freewill, by gifting an individuation of the infinite and eternal self to live and love in each soul, by that means, desires all souls to draw near, to be in replete inner-contact of loving relationship; thankfully, there is never a closure of the all-loving Divine Heart to the true needs and spiritual appeals of the myriad children of creation; consequently, the Universal Creator, who is living love, has embarked upon the eternal adventure with each of us, in destination of the inevitable attainment of the divine embrace of our Creator’s Infinite Personality of love.


Divine Love The Heart Of God-Consciousness

God-as-love is at the heart of our inner spiritual-awareness, wherein, lies the truth discernment, spirit recognition, and personal experience of the Creator’s residing divine presence—the indwelling Spirit of Love; therefore, one’s ever-growing spiritual comprehension is poised to discover the love-centered innermost spirit-emplacement of the Infinite One; thus, the greatest of spiritual breakthroughs is the supernal finding and supreme meeting with one’s God-Self; accordingly, this empirical, illuminating God-realization, viscerally, and indelibly impresses the soul with undeniable spiritual evidence of God’s loving intimacy, which further unveils the insightful, dignifying, revelatory fact: that we are the sons and daughters of this selfsame God-of-love.

We needn’t go any further than our own interior spiritual experience to validate the reality of the living, exquisitely beautiful significance of the matchless divine affection of the all-loving God, divinely domiciled within our very hearts; this ultimate discovery is often had gradually, yet, when a supreme choice-decision to find the Creator’s internal loving spirit has been made, this can cause a life-changing realization of the truth and actuality of the indwelling Divine Presence, who was always gently knocking at the door of the heart, and patiently waiting, while lovingly seeking one’s deliberate, joyful invite, and soulful-loveful welcome.

The paramount ascertainment, spiritual verification, and soul confirmation of our abiding love Spirit—living at the heart of one’s budding God-consciousness—warrants our full free-willingness to acquiesce cooperatively with the spiritualizing endeavors of the indwelling Spirit of Love; what’s more, through our Eternal Creator’s loving volition, perfection plan, and divine purpose, we’re lovingly impelled to wholeheartedly choose to follow the unerring leading of the Spirit of Love and Truth, while dedicating ourselves to the consecrated divine life of the ordained spiritual way of the light and love of our Creator; in whom, we live, move, and have our being, now, and forevermore.


The Spiritual Gravity Of Eternal Love

The aggregate wide-ranging galaxy of created beings is pervaded, and held sway by the gentle spiritual gravity of eternal love; this affectionate gravitational enfoldment of our Creator’s love magnetically attracts all spiritually inclined beings to each other, as a universal body of one people throughout creation; the spirit-born among us, and the personalities of the greater spiritual realms are by the divine law of love, drawn to each other in loving spiritual affinity and kinship, and, are upheld altogether by the all-loving spiritual pressure of the will of God.

The ubiquitous force of the supreme good and all-encompassing energy of divine love attracts us ultimately to the very Source and Center of the loving magnitude of the Divine Heart; the sheer power of the Creator’s love allures us into the love-flowing soul-spheres of one another—even eternally; this outpouring dynamism of infinite love from the very person of God, sweeps through the universal domains bringing divine order to all adherents of true love, and because God is unity as well as love, we are coalesced in everlasting togetherness in a galactic cosmic universe of fraternalistic fellowship, by the Infinite Upholder and Divine Controller, who is the Original Personality of love.

We are lovingly obliged by the all-embracing spiritual-attraction of our Creator’s love, to pull together, in affectionate devotion, into a bodily whole, in divine rapport, with a broad-spectrum of personalities, in the beautifully perfecting spirit of love, and, thereupon, adhering, as one unified circle of love, ever-existent in the omnipresence of our lovesome Infinite Creator; the heavenly appeal of the Spirit of Love beckons each spiritually receptive soul into the irresistibly tender and loving divine lure of the dynamic gravity-center of eternal love, forthwith, to be spiritually integrated, and, eternally conjoined in loving relations with our beloved Creator, and every other living being throughout the celestial realms.


The Inlying Divine Presence Of Love

What a supreme godsend, soul-stirring boon, and inspirational blessing, that our Creator’s love is so profound, great, and comprehensive toward each beloved, cherished, and treasured soul, that one and all are spirit-indwelt by the Infinite One who is love; and, if we choose to abide in and, commune with, our bestowed spirit essence of the Divine’s inner-presence, we will surely encounter a love like no other, yet, deeply longed for; whereupon, in reverential reception of our all-loving Creator—whose love endows us with eternal continuity of being—life will nevermore be the same, and will be of everlasting spiritual gain.

The indwelling divine presence of the Spirit of Love is our spiritual evaluator, sorter, and adjuster of the living truths of the spirit; this absolute innermost fact of God, is our master-key to all-reality, potential and actual, and is the surety of our attaining the greatest joys, truest satisfactions, and all-important advancements of soul; and, as we learn to love, trust, and wholeheartedly embrace this pure presence of God, we will eventually realize our heart’s truest and purest spiritual aspirations.

The inlying Spirit of Love is purposed in our spiritual conception, rebirth, and immortal deliverance; whose unbroken revelation of divine love is so perfectly all-good, that once wholly admitted in the heart, the inner-life will certainly reflect the glory, grace, and righteousness of the most beautiful life, light, and love of God; what a monumental finding awaits each of us, even the most exhilarating, gratifying fulfillment that only our Creator can give so magnanimously and personally; the matchlessly uplifting, utterly inspiring experience of our lives is ours for the choosing; for the spiritual perception and adoring contact with the indwelling divine presence of love, is freely had by loving faith, and, establishes the eternalizing, and endearing espousal of oneness with our all-loving Creator’s spirit within.


Transfusing With The Spirit Of Love

A spiritual intimacy of loving warmth is continuously transfused into one’s heart and mind by the indwelling Spirit of Love, and, as we feel this realest of real, spiritualizing love infusion of the Divine Heart, melding within ourselves, it provides the fertile inner-soil of soul, and, favorable interior atmosphere, for the abundant growth, and bountiful harvest of the fruits of the Spirit: loving service, unselfish devotion, unfailing goodness, undying hope, forgiving tolerance, enduring peace, and steadfast faith; for the love of our Creator, and each other.

The experience of being divinely loved, inwardly, evinces one’s great personal value and, imparts extraordinary meaning to one’s life, even an unshakable realization, that the bountiful mercy credits of the Divine is so sublime, and always on time, that it causes a faith upsurge in the mind, which is so great, that it furthers personality expansion, stretching one’s heart to the point of merging openness with the instilling and amalgamating presence of the Creator’s spirit of love; this divine awakening, and spiritual discernment of the consolidating embodiment of living love, gives one the sense of being wholly capable of divinely loving, revealing that, as we increasingly love our Creator—in response to this inner-love integration—we also, come to love one another to a much greater extent.

To have an experiential transfusion of divine love with our ever-loving indwelling Spirit, can powerfully restart one’s life upon a higher level of spiritual function, wherein, we are heartily moved to make the supreme decision to completely and forever fuse with our innermost spiritual Benefactor of love, whose divine purpose is to effect our total spiritual makeover into the likeness of our all-loving Maker; thus, as we temporarily traverse through the cold facets of earthly life, we’re ever-warmed, and divinely adorned, by the spiritual synthesis, and, transfusing perfect love of our Infinite Creator.


The Spiritual Baptism Of Divine Love

We the people of finite creation are spiritually immersed in the cleansing, healing, regenerative, and transformative, immediate loving presence of the Universal Creator; hence, a spiritualizing baptism is currently upon us, and, by wholeheartedly choosing to enter into sanctified allegiance with our inner-companion, the Divine Spirit of love, this personal, sacred covenant with our all-loving Creator, ensures our souls unassailable, developmental spiritual achievement; and, aids our spirit helpers in safeguarding, and lovingly guiding the soul into those ever-advancing stages of spirit attainment.

This baptism of the spirit is a divine rite of passage, securing one’s decision of purpose to find, and come to know the Creator-as-love, now, and forevermore; therefore, in choosing to enter the converting life of the spirit, we gain admittance into the Creator’s all-loving, all-wise ascension plan of spiritualization, preparatory of the faith-adventure into the eternal delights, and escalating heights of unending spiritual progress in spirit interrelation and identification; as we grow in divine love and proceed to the expanding spiritual realities of the heaven-of-heavens, we will continually be spiritually baptized and cosmically modified for qualified entrance to the higher spirit realms, according to the degree of God’s enthronement in one’s heart-and-soul.

The Spirit of Love and Spirit of Truth that lives within and impinges upon every mind, respectively, summons every soul to be spiritually initiated by the morally rejuvenating, spiritually redeeming, living waters of the Spirit; to sincerely accept the life-giving baptism of the spirit, we supremely choose to follow and, faithfully abide in the loving proffer of our Creator, who decrees that we consecrate, and dedicate ourselves to the divine fulfillment of our evolving potential as sons and daughters of God; the spiritual baptism of the Spirit of divine love, opens the gateway to the limitless spiritual gifts and progressive divinization awaiting each and every decisively consecrated and divinely inspired soul.


Spirit-Born Eternal In A Omniverse Of Infinite Love

Although we had no say in our first birth as human beings, we have the phenomenal opportunity to deliberately be spirit-born for ever-advancing spiritual living through the eternal life endowment of our Creator Parent, whose spiritizing presence resides in, and loves from, the mortal mind, and therein, jointly originates the spiritual genesis of the immortal soul; this spiritual childbirth and formative stage of spirithood is lovingly inspired and divinely fostered by our indwelling Spirit soul-progenitor, whose peerless devotion, and cherishing collaboration, co-creates—in co-operation with our faithful choices and decisions—an eternal bonding of unceasing soul-growth, ever-leading to spiritual adulthood.

To be spirit-born in a universe-of-universes permeated with infinite love, is a divine gift having everlasting significance, and introduces us to a vast kinship of love-centered relationships in which all personalities of a far-flung cosmos of boundless dimensions, are deemed as one united universal family under God, inclusive of an eternal life of progressive spiritual maturation; being divinely raised, and eventually coming of age spiritually, by the heavenly supervision, divine wisdom, and spiritual watch-care of our God-Self, firmly sets us on the upward path of intellectual mastery, and a perfecting spiritual consciousness.

As spirit-born children of God, our realest self is given birth, that we may in love approach, and in truth, come to know our glorious Creator, who has made every provision for our spiritual development; this eternalizing, spiritualizing upbringing, provides an ever-present, all-wise divine parenting, that teaches the acquirement of a righteous spiritual character by directing our emulation of God’s divine values; from our initial physical birth, spiritual inception, and eternal emergence as budding spirit beings, we’re increasingly fashioned in the divine likeness of our all-loving Creator; presently, spirit-born and gradually growing into spirit-form, we find ourselves at home in a universe-of-universes, as spirit youngsters divinely gathered, and, ever-warmed by our Creator’s infinite love.


The Eternal Bosom Of Infinite Love

In the eternal bosom of the First Person of Deity, every single human being is affectionately embraced in the Creator’s infinite love, in supreme relationship, and everlasting belonging, as an essential, irreplaceable member of the universal family; within the Divine Heart all the precious children of creation are spiritually nourished, and, lovingly nurtured, with exquisite inner ministration, and far-reaching divine over-care; all souls are forever embosomed, ever-closely, by the outstretched omnipresent spirit arms of God, who is, spiritually parenting, devotedly tending, and perfectly raising each growing soul into spiritual adulthood.

We’re fondly enclasped in the sublimely touching, soulfully peaceful and pleasing warmth of the Infinite’s love, in One-to-one, One-in-one spiritual intimacy; for the all-loving divine heart of God has reserved this personal loving contact with each and every earthly daughter and son as an exclusive Creator prerogative; even now, the bestowed Spirit of Love—that lives in each person—goes with us through all experiences—good and bad—with the divinest affection, and, the utmost cherishing devotion; our beloved Creator’s incomparable, heavenly, and awe-inspiring love-relation with each soul, is all-inclusive of a uniquely loving fellowship, a most loving friendship, and an matchless spiritual closeness engendering endless togetherness.

This profound and transcendent relationship as the spirit children of our Divine Creator Parent—whose perfect love is so deeply personal, and spiritually individualized—completely accepts us as we are, and, at every moment is seeking and awaiting our sincere recognition, love reciprocation, and heartfelt communication; for it is the Divine’s loving will to unreservedly share the inner-life with each soul, which effectively saves us from feelings of spiritual isolation and, planetary or cosmic loneliness; be assured, we are absolutely, indelibly, protectively, and tenderly held in the Divine Heart, in the never-ending unfoldment of a spiritually cultivating, perfecting future, eternally embosomed in the God of infinite love.


The Gospel Of Faith In Service Of Love Divine

The gospel of living faith is upon us, presently, the gift of its spiritual vision, unveils the Spirit of Love as one’s inner spirit nucleus, and the Spirit of Truth as dwelling in the heart, and brings to definitive light the sacredness of each person; these supernal spirit endowments makes known God’s love for every soul; what’s more, these bestowed spirits of the Creator’s living presence reveals these divine realities of the Infinite as truly discernible and comprehensible through faith; for our Creator desires that we fully come to know and love each other, and share the inner-life, joined as one, forevermore.

The ever-adaptable and creative teachings of divine love, and living truth, procured through spiritual-faith, discloses a divine unfolding of everlasting expansion, and endless growth for all spirit-born souls; and, with God’s purpose and will individualized and taking faith-hold within one’s heart, we find the Universal Father’s Spirit of Love, Universe Son’s Spirit of Truth, and Divine Mother’s Holy Spirit in perfect harmony, and ever-leading the way into the eternal progression of spiritual-consciousness in the experiential reality and actuality of all-truth, and all-love, predicated, and made real by the power of faith.

The Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit is that threefold spiritual endowment and divine influence that leads one upward and, urges one onward to the very source-center of infinite love, and eternal truth, therefore, the gift of living faith is essential to actualize these divine realities of spiritual life in the eternalizing ascent of daughter-sonship with God; thus, spirit-born of pure love, it is imperative, in the service of love divine, to make the saving grace of the gospel of faith, love, and truth real to any and all people, for this is of the loving will of God ascertained through faith, validated by truth, and served with love.


The Divine Caress Of The Inner Spirit Of Love

The inner Spirit of Love fondly, and spiritually caresses the soul, preparing one for the heavenly ascent, to attain the transcendent goal of the eternal embrace of the Divine Heart, the Bosom of Infinity; in lovingly receiving the divinely touching devotion, and delightful wonder of our interior Spirit lover, we’ll irrefutably come to feel deeply loved, and, in turn, be inspired to give this supernal love to one another through loving service, joyous fellowship, and loyal friendship; moreover, we will begin to discern divine love as the true foundation and core-value of the forthcoming sister-brotherhood of humanity.

Our infinitely lovable Creator Parent, whose very gentle spirit of innermost emplacement, spiritually, lovingly, and with great devoted care, hugs one’s soul ever-closely, with the divinest intention and highest ideal of everlasting inseparability; in the divine beauty of pure love, each and every personality is cherishingly, and affectionately held in the spirit arms of the Creator’s indwelling Spirit presence, who is the perfect love-relater, of our all-loving Maker, who proposes holy matrimony of eternal union, rooted in the truth, beauty, and goodness of our Creator’s love supreme.

This ever-warming, love filling-feeling, and tender spiritual caress of the indwelling Spirit of Love is forever; and, if we wholeheartedly and faithfully choose to be spiritually engaged and subsequently wedded to our beloved Spirit companion, we will undoubtedly be eternally conjoined, fused, and made one; this divine and loving relationship is indissoluble, and makes full to overflowing a spiritual life of endless love, for what God brings together no power, person, or thing can part; the loving, eternal embrace of the Spirit of Love, radiates the light-of-love from one’s spiritual heart and face, and as the indwelling Spirit divinely caresses each one of us in the glory of loving grace, divine love is destined to transform the human race.


The Other-Centeredness Of Divine Love

Other-centeredness is a distinct characteristic innate to the outgoing dynamic nature of divine love; being public-spirited, it inspires one to seek for the genuine wellbeing of those close at heart and people as a whole; infinite love constantly stimulates the soul’s concern for the overall welfare of human beings in general, and loving support for the afflicted in particular; this outreaching spiritual love, enriches, elevates, and ennobles one’s character, as it freely spreads from the heart outward to the world community of humanity; this Godly love is always striving to do for others what is sincerely desired and truly required for their benefit.

The indwelling Spirit of Love brings to one’s heart that selfless urge and compassionate impulse, divinely firing up the personality to love anew with a wholehearted affection, and consecrated devotion, that lovingly inspires one to render good to others with empathic-altruism. As we gracefully grow to righteously and fearlessly love as our Creator loves, we’re increasingly empowered, by our inner-Spirit, to extend and spiritually befriend a purer love for all people—subjectively and objectively; as we aspire to love, as God loves, the Spirit of Love and Truth, intimately and heartily companions with us, ever-revealing the infinite love of our all-loving Creator, via the heart and soul.

The Spirit of Love endeavors to liberate and deliver us from the clutches of self-absorption, causing a self-forgetfulness, that catapults one into an open-heartedness of spiritually generated goodness, steeped in other-consciousness, and, healed free, with loving strength, to live to give for others; this divine love lays bare our sister-brotherhood, our spiritual bond with each other, in the universality of true love, which contributes mightily to our becoming ever-progressive, spiritualizing children of light-and-love, evolving, and now emerging from the spiritual lowlands of self-centeredness, and presently, mounting the heavenly heights of the other-centeredness of divine love.