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Self-Realization Through The Spirit Of Divine Love

As we sincerely endeavor to truly see ourselves through the pure, unadulterated spiritual eyes, and outpoured love of our Creator’s indwelling presence, we begin to discern ever-more clearly, a truer, higher state of being, and overall advancing purpose, in this life and beyond; additionally, in becoming increasingly self-realized, and mature spiritually, we come to be, more self-actualized, and, in truth, ultimately God-realized. Let us rejoice, as we embark upon the ascending, spiritualizing pathway of expanding self-knowledge, and self-fulfillment, by virtue of self-identifying with the supremely loving, spirit-model, and spiritual-pattern of our inner-companioned Spirit of Love.

In acquiring genuine insight into our truest, realest, deepest, eternal self—our inmost God-Self—we begin to perceive the ever-growing reality of the immortal soul, and the supreme goal of life—devoted communion with, and eventual perfection in, the spirit of God-as-love, whose divinely loving spirit-presence dwells within us, for wholehearted spiritual embodiment, spirit-fusion, and everlasting oneness; in gaining a more accurate appraisal of ourselves in the light of an ever-augmenting, spiritizing-self, having eternal self-worth, our true selfhood, presently emerging, becomes front and center, as a divinely stabilizing soul-spirit-being, and unifying personality of unending potential and possibility.

Endowed with the Spirit of Truth, encircuited in the Holy Spirit, and indwelt by the Spirit of Love, assuredly, we’ll each, progressively come to see, and know our higher-self, and, ideal-self of each other, as God sees us; moreover, as we align, with the Divine, and strive to be about the Creator’s will-of-love, God makes us more than we are, even spirit-realized-souls, capable of comprehending divine values, spiritual meanings, and the very fact of the Deity person-personality of God; hence, perfecting self-co-creation, with the selfless indwelling God-Spirit, eventuates into spiritual achievement, ever-advancing the immortalizing soul-self to greater levels of enlightened awareness, spiritually focused, and intrinsically connected with our steadily increasing self-realization, through a divine love, garnered, in an ever-evolving God-consciousness.


Divine Love Is A Many Splendored Reality

The spiritual splendor of divine love is not far removed or unaccessible, for its Godly magnificence pulsates unceasingly within us, by way of the indwelling Spirit of God—our always present spirit-companion, and eternity partner—who sublimely acts, tirelessly, to bestow its absolute and beatific love upon us, and if we concur, in co-operative, loving response to our Creator’s love, there arises a splendid altruistic love, radiantly, increasingly, outflowing through one’s heart. Marvelously, we’re divinely enhanced, and spiritually illuminated by a paradisiacal love that grows in brightness and lovingness when we similarly love others, which in itself, enlarges our capacity to truly love, as God loves.

The Creator’s universal grandeur of eternal, and infinite love is preordained, and everlastingly sustained, as it superbly conditions the never-ending union, of the spirit of God, with our human nature; moreover, the wondrous, divinely affectionate, heart-warming presence of Divinity, unfailingly, and unstintingly, reveals the Supreme Heart’s loving nature, and love diffusing interior spirit brilliance—the true light that lights the world—the inner Divine Spark, that sets alight, the soul’s glorious effulgence of divine love, whose spiritual appeal, is ever so real, that we can undoubtedly feel, its heavenly, uplifting richness, and all-encompassing grandness of limitless goodness.

God’s matchless, all-loving majesty, is to be lovingly praised, all of our days, which in turn, inspires us to disseminate divine love’s boundlessly splendored reality, in progressively creative ways; what’s more, as we self-identify with God’s will-of-love, we eternalize into Godlikeness; thus, the self-realization of the supremely loving, and most beautiful loveliness of our inner God-Self, at once, love-motivates, our love-embraced personality, to love others—beyond personal preferences—to an increasing extent, resplendently, and unselfishly; subsequently, one becomes, inevitably, wholly fused in the transformative, infinite splendor, of the Indwelling Spirit’s ennobling of the soul, in spiritualizing delight, and perfecting oneness, with the many splendored actuality of divine love.


Agape Love

Vested with spirit-soul-sight, the divine light of agape love, centers our higher heart-attention, and we’re mentally illumined, soulfully touched, and spiritually elevated, by the all-loving indwelling Spirit, who is, for each of us, the actuality of God’s love; however, agape love is positively distinguishable from human love, for it is entirely an unselfish love, being uniquely unconditional in all its dynamic, outgoing qualities—except for the precondition that divine love be freely given for it to be truly, effectually operative, and expansive.

Agape love is Godly in all its manifestations, gracefully giving one a deeply felt, forthright, experiential sense of the Creator’s awe-inspiring, divinely affectionate, loving nature and presence; and, in getting to know this phenomenal love, by sharing it, straight from our love-growing hearts-and-souls, by way of the inner God-Self, as a result, in time, through its spiritualizing propensity, and augmenting reality, we’re destined to become as agape love is, of God, and Godlike; thus, our emerging, spiritual-self is ever-infused with a transforming love that eternalizes the soul, and unerringly leads to the eternal goal, attainment of the very person of God—the universal, eternal, infinite source, and substance of all true love.

Agape love: true love, pure love, real love, omni-love, absolute love, transcendental love, divine love, altruistic love, selfless love, unqualified love, ideal love, holy love, perfect love, infinite love, and eternal love, it’s all God’s love, universally shared; and, this always accessible, divinely transmitted, limitless love, encourages one to love others divinely, for it to increasingly flow from the heart. Agape love is so true it cannot be destroyed, detained, nor diminished, and actually reveals and reflects the loving presence of the living God. Agape love, the love of God, ever-seeks the through-way of one’s body, mind, and soul, that it may lovingly circulate, compassionately relate, and sometime, wholly permeate all people, who, even now, are embosomed in the agape love of the Supreme Heart of God.


The Spiritualizing Synthesis Of Divine Love

In purposive, synergistic collaboration with the loving ministrations of the indwelling Divine Spirit, there occurs an evolving spiritual synthesis, and synchronous tuning, via living love, of one’s inner life, integrating, harmonizing, and spiritualizing the cooperative mind, and unifying personality; there’s at work, a supernal, celestial, cosmic blending of loving ministry, wherein, the soul is divinely infused, bathed, and enwrapped in spiritual love; the Supreme Heart universally gives a spiritizing love that’s pivotal to the eternalization of the soul, and, when sincerely reciprocated—heart-to-heart, and socially—furthers the transformative spirit-power of God’s love.

As God potentially, and experientially becomes as oneself, and as one comes to be Godlike, divine love is surely the all-encompassing spiritual attitude characterizing the spiritualizing activities of the centermost God-Self, for pure love is the dominant attribute of the Universal I AM, that permeates all life; thus slowly and surely the endowment of the Creator’s divine gift of the indwelling Spirit of Love melds the amenable individual into an ever-more lovable, loving union of oneness, a human-divine interbeingness, correlated, and combined into a co-creative, co-ordinated love sharing of the highest order, while preparing, and perfecting the soul for the ultimate attainment of the Primal Source, and Original Personality of love.

There’s a spiritual osmosis prevailing within the soul as the Divine Indweller saturates the heart with the purest love, commingling, and fostering a growing love phenomenon, making one more spirit-like in the process; an intrinsic human and divine exchange is underway, whereby each synthesizes, and coalesces into the other, in progressive at-onement, facilitated by one’s choices, decisions, and acquiesce to the fusing divine integration of the Spirit of Love, in concert with, the Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit; assuredly, we’re becoming eternally alive—spiritually one—with, in, and through the ongoing spiritualizing synthesis of our indwelling Spirit of divine love.


Our World’s Vast Spiritual Love Potential

The tensions between the potential and actual manifestations of divine love is currently at a critical, turning point throughout the world, accordingly, each person is called to the sacred task, and high-function of being active channels of God’s love—that even now envelopes the entire planet; this world-changing spiritual love ever-seeks willing, courageous, and consecrated souls who would dare to wholeheartedly love in the midst of our planetary predicament and, embody in oneness, love’s unconquerable reality.

There are immense possibilities, and imminent probabilities, for living love to become the paramount actuality of our world culture; in truth, the reign of love is not only promised, it is unavoidable, for God is love, and divines it so, as a definitive evolutionary inevitability for our planet, which no person(s) can prevent, yet albeit, can delay; for the Supreme Heart upholds the world close with/in pure love, in unity with all other spiritual forces, and the Spirit of Love resident within every soul, who therein, seeks every opportunity to be liberated for the good of humanity, and the love of every single human being.

May we take heart in faith-knowing that extensive, and sweeping world changes are being wrought through the creative and compelling power of divine love; let us rejoice, as the actuality of ideal love is impressed upon our souls, and gently endeavors to move freely through our hearts for bestowal upon each other. This great love of Divinity will not fail, for it is of the loving will of God; therefore, all people must eventually face the choice of destiny, for no one can escape the love of God; thereby, each of us are lovingly charged to unselfishly love, and wholly embrace the vast spiritual love potential that pulsates within us, for it is essential to the progress of every individual, and, our whole world.


Reborn In The Likeness Of The Spirit Of Love

The indwelling Spirit of God has made possible, and given rise to our new spiritual birth—re-creation—reborn, into a unique beginning of spiritual adventure in the perfecting transformation of Spirit likeness; being love children of the Universal I Am, we’re spirit-born, and delivered into our budding existence as potential eternity partners with the Divine; for the exalted inner Spirit of Love is the Divine Parent of our real, higher, advancing, and future spiritual self; the Divine Indweller—the spiritual reflected image of God—is increasingly mirrored in and through the soul.

The Divine Parental Presence ever-warms our spiritual childhood with pure love, sublime peace, supernal joy, and tranquillity of spirit, for the inner Divine Heart is lovingly, and wholly involved with our souls upraising, perfecting spiritualization, and unending progressive unfoldment, culminating in the spiritual adulthood of eternal life; in growing up of soul, and becoming Godlike, we learn to take after, and follow, the intimate lead, and perfect example of the God-hood, and Godliness, of our bestowed God-Self, who teaches one how to be, act, and perform, as God would, while learning to lovingly embrace, selflessly serve, and divinely befriend, all souls, in the glorious light of God’s loving will.

As we exemplify our divine becoming, in taking after the ways of God-as-love, the interior spiritual image of the Spirit gift of God’s presence ever-becomes us in truth; and, being the faith children of existential ancestry, and inheriting a far-flung universal family of spiritual kinship, by way of the inner God-Presence, we’re destined to fully live our lives, in re-created spiritualized oneness; as we grow to increasingly resemble, spiritually, our all-beautiful Spirit Progenitor, we’ll inevitably portray that we’re of God, and divine love will surely radiate, illustrate, and divinely relate, in every particular, our rebirth in the likeness of our Beloved, the indwelling Spirit of Love.


A Love Divine We Can Absolutely Trust

The Infinite One of limitless love has entrusted a fragment of the Essence of Infinity to live as experiential partners within our hearts and minds, in eternal trusteeship of all our experientially attained spirit values, garnered in the registered truths of daily life, and ever-preserved for safekeeping; truly, the Divine Indweller, the actuality of God’s love, can forever be absolutely depended upon to unfailingly lead, and pilot the soul, step by step, in achieving the living of God’s will; faithfully, we can wholeheartedly trust our spiritual covenant, and fusing partnership with our beloved God-Self, who is eternally above reproach.

With positive faith-trust, we can have complete confidence in our indwelling Spirit, the divine gift of pure love, whose perfect wisdom, is gloriously contributory to the ever-evolving factors of our spiritual welfare, and soul well-being; we are blessed beneficiaries of a sacred trust, that is, and ever will be, immutable; our spirit-soul-trust is unassailable, irrefutable, and eternal, and is the absolute certainty and promise, of our forthcoming spiritual destiny of heavenly destinies, even the ultimate destiny, the attainment of the all-loving, living God.

With the assurances of faith-certitude, we can put unmitigated, intelligent trust in the overcare of God’s ever-present Spirit of Love, faith-knowing, that we’re spiritually protected with the unconquerable spirit armor of inextinguishable light and inexhaustible love; our solemnity of trust will continually grow as we progress in spiritual living and loving; currently, starting upon the divine adventure, ever-Godward, timed-and-spaced in God’s love-gravity, we’re spirit-entrusted and divinely-charged to be ever-Godlike, as we proceed in attaining the God of love; undoubtedly, we will mature in trustworthiness, as the indwelling Spirit lovingly sustains us through every struggle toward spiritual perfection, and, as we absolutely come to trust, now, and forevermore, the God of love divine, in any and all situations of our ascending spiritual advancement.


The Evolutionary Unfolding Of Divine Love

Although divine love is an all-powerful, compelling spiritual reality and force of the Universal Creator, it is certainly not forceful, but spiritually gentle, evolutional, and creative; and even though infinite love is freely given to all, it thrives in the giving, through altruistic social service and ministry, as a major contributor to moral progress, and as an indispensable feature of the development of the evolving ethical culture; the loving attunement of one’s soul may be intermittently touched by tough love, however, God loves, essentially, in ever so spiritually tenderhearted ways.

The Spirit of love creates the capacity within the heart for a fuller love experience, whose enlargement is furthered as love is freely bestowed; moreover, God’s infinite love is ever-patient, forgiving, and unconditional, providing a slow but sure revelatory flow of divine love that ever-bathes the soul in the loving-kindness of the indwelling God-Spirit, who affectionately, by loving degrees, and graciously unpressured inner spaciousness, continually evolves in/with the soul; thus, the spiritual impulses of the God-Self, always honors the sovereignty of personality in the gradual unfoldment and ministration of eternal love.

The reign of divine love is steadily evolving, and as a person learns to truly love, all people are benefited, thereby contributing to the love amplitude of the whole; through the creative technique of evolution, there develops, in accordance with one’s spiritual attainment, and selfless loving, a fuller expression of an ever-growing, blossoming, and maturing spiritual love; although a long time may pass before the rule of love conquers all things, a love Supreme always reflects the totality status of unfolding love, in response to the far-flung love-designs of the Creator’s evolutional process, and purpose, eventuating triumphantly, even now, and in the coming ages of light and life, wherein the fullness of the evolutionary unfolding of divine love will reach revelatory and experiential repleteness.


The Inner Voice Of Divine Love

The so-called still small voice within, being the spirit articulations of the indwelling Spirit presence of our beloved Creator, whose divine voice, while rarely actually heard, does unceasingly speak universal wisdom, and living truth, within the ensouled mind, that faintly echos throughout the higher spiritual consciousness; and, if we strive to know and live the truths of the Spirit, the voice of God will eventually be heard, until then, it will be of soul record for future acknowledgement; rest assured, by advancing in spiritual living, we will in due course discern, in truth, the ever-loving auto-revelatory Word of God.

The innermost utterances of the God-Self maintains an unbroken ministry of divine communication, spiritual communion, and spirit expression, for faith validation, wholehearted embracement, and experiential synthesis in the heart-and-soul of the God craving, and, God consecrated individual; we may catch fleeting revelations of spiritual verbalization especially in: worshipful, prayerful, meditative states, doing the divine will, loving-service, bearing spirit fruits, and sharing the inner life with God; our faith-certitude will, in time, evidence, and embody, the ongoing reverberating spiritual enunciations of the indwelling God-Spirit of infinite love.

The constant spiritual assertions, and leading pronouncements of the Divine Spirit is facilitated by an intelligent, spiritually receptive faith hearing, however, all unheard revelations are unfailingly registered/archived in the spirit-soul—nothing of spiritual value will ever be lost; of our inlying Spirit, we can decipher, with faith surety and spiritual experience, that the eternal voice of love is of heavenly tones, replete with the spiritual sweetness of loving affection, and matchless devotion, and although the voice of God is not often, if ever heard, it can surely be felt, and/or realized in the spiritualization of our thoughts, and through the spiritual urgings, guidance, and teachings, spoken from the heart-warming presence of the indwelling Spirit, the inner voice of divine love.


Divine Love The Spiritual Guide To True Insight

The indwelling Spirit of Love is our closest, purest, truest, highest, and realest, guiding light, moral compass, and revelator of spiritual insight; the living truth absolutely exist within and, gently impinges upon one’s mind, as a living endowment, a spirit bestowment, by the Gift of Life, our all-loving Creator; the Divine Spirit, entity-being and companioned God-Self of our present and ultimate becoming, possessing infinite and eternal spiritual prevision, continually enhances cosmic insight, hindsight, foresight, and faith-vision, whose inward spiritual visioneering, divinely directionalizes, stabilizes, spiritualizes and idealizes—to the greatest possible degree, now and evermore—the indwelt individual.

The ever-loving, far-seeing, all-wise, and far-reaching spirit insights of our Divine Indweller, initiates, quickens, and portrays divine love with clarifying interior luminosity, ever-revealing that, when bestowed among others, inspires a superior social wisdom, predicated upon supremely loving others, to the amazing extent of enabling one to envisage, and espouse—with progressively expanding inner-sight—the sister-brotherhood of the universal family of God; this selfsame Divinity, insightfully creates heavenly illuminations, enlightening the soul with spiritual vision, and enhanced perceptions of loving-fellowship, loving-regard, and loving-service, divinely magnifying the high value-lure of the sovereignty of divine truth, cosmic beauty, and spiritual goodness.

The invariably insightful Divine Presence, operating from the realm of our superconscious mind, increases spiritual awareness, higher intuition, soul comprehension, deep understanding, and loving appreciation of the spiritual concepts of supreme reality, divinely sighting the spiritual ascent, that envisions for/with the soul, a revelatory, personal, experiential, divine religion of love, with augmenting recognition-consciousness for the progressive enhancement, and cosmic consciousness of faith facts, supreme meanings, and divine values; our spiritual insight is truly transformative, discerning, and penetrating with the clear-light of spirit-sight, and the truth of the greater right, for the indwelling Spirit, is unequivocally the all-seeing spiritual guide to ever-enlarging divine love, supernal wisdom, and true insight.


The Spiritual Goodness Of Divine Love

The spiritual constitution, and essential quality of divine love is overflowing with the Creator’s perfect, universal, and unfailing goodness; an infinite love that is of the highest moral and ethical values; a love divine that causes us to desire to do good to others, and more abundantly bear the divine fruits of the Spirit: loving service, supreme joy, lasting peace, living faith, forgiving tolerance, merciful ministry, virtuous temperance, unselfish devotion, sincere fairness, courageous loyalty, confiding trust, undying hope, empathetic gentleness, long-suffering, and enlightened honesty.

The eternal and infinite good of divine love stimulates, energizes, and catalyzes increasing goodwill, integrity, respect, rectitude, uprightness, spiritual wholesomeness, purity of heart, loving-kindness, and, a righteousness of spirit that permits the goodness of God’s love to freely flow forth with spiritual warmth, and benevolent affection, instilling a compassionate humanity, tenderhearted understanding, and an honorable generosity of spirit; what’s more, the higher good of the inner Spirit of Love is actively, tirelessly, and selflessly giving love, that we may each altruistically give-offer-share-serve the good, goodwill, and goodness of love, contributory to becoming ever-more Godlike in the process.

The spiritual ministries of the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit, that indwell, and envelope us, work in divine harmony for the victorious and glorious good of one and all; for God being absolute unity, eternal love, and infinitely more, bestows and endows every soul with the grace and spirit of loving-goodness, that accentuates the virtue of doing to others the goodness that is done to us by our all-loving, all-good, all-beautiful Creator, who ever-encourages an aspirationally creative, progressive spirit of magnanimous charity of heart pulsating with the goodness of love, that brings to light the eternal worth of each and every soul; henceforth, by all good-willed means, may we ever-serve our highest good through the spiritual goodness of divine love.


Divine Love For Giving And Spiritual Living

Divine Love is a supremely giving, living love, for it is the Creator’s outpouring love that is at once everywhere present and all-embracing; and, as we more adeptly live love, by creatively and unselfishly giving love, we will bit by bit embody, and personify the all-powerful spiritual force and, compelling truth of God’s all-giving lovingness; presently, as we discover how to wholeheartedly give, devotedly circulate, and selflessly pass on, the beautiful, inspiring, and spiritualizing love of God, we will become ever-more Godlike as a lovely consequence.

Divine love is at the heart of experiential spiritual living, and unconditional giving, therein, it thrives, and stays beautifully alive, with the heavenly vibrancy of the loving grace of God; what’s more, the infinite abundance of divine love continually multiplies as we live the spiritual life ever-exemplifying our beloved Creator, whose endowed Spirit of Love divinely lives and gives love, too, and through each soul—according to capacity and love output—a love divine in heart-and-mind, that increases, intensifies, and invigorates, as we love in kind; hence, in emulating our all-loving Creator, a love synthesis—human and divine—increasingly unfolds, in setting free God’s love into the world, even one person at a time.

The divine characteristic of universal, eternal, and infinite love, prevails, is vitally activated, and flourishes when it is generously bestowed, unreservedly shared, heartily spread, and wholly lived in outflowing truth, when the spiritual life is essentially love-based, in divine relationship with our all-loving Creator—whose living love is unceasingly free-flowing toward all; and, as love oriented spiritual youth, we can certainly begin to give love in greater measure; so fret not, even necessarily starting small, the God-Self within, will reveal unfailingly, the guiding light of spiritual living, enjoining, and ever-inspiring the soul to selflessly give, and purely live a life centered and balanced in divine love.


Walking In Faith With The Spirit Of Love

In consciously walking the walk—while talking the talk—of the spiritual life together in concert with the indwelling Spirit of Love, is to faithfully trek the ordained grand pathway of living truth, determined and directed by the Divine Indweller—our all-beautiful Creator’s loving presence; moreover, scaling the high-way of divine ascension, beginning as we are in our current material existence, is our spiritual mission, and overarching response-ability to God’s supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” thereof, wholehearted faith is the divine requirement, and all-important spiritual key to advance, with divine-speed, in stride with God-as-love.

As we joyously, with mounting love, tread the heavenly path of spiritual faith in augmenting alignment with the inner Love Wonder, and Spirit Teacher of our souls, we’re lovingly ushered into the divine life, ever-maintained by our steadfast faith in the eternal realities, supreme meanings, and divine values of our all-merciful Creator; presently, the spiritual eye of our faith-quickened mind is increasingly illuminated with God-consciousness, by the interior love-ministry of God’s heavenly spirit, who sets us upon the faith voyages of bold-whole-souled adventure on the cosmic seas of ever-enlarging truth, beauty, goodness, love, and, subsequent spiritual and Spirit attainment.

Upon the progressive spiritual course of faith-quickened, consecrated living, we are the spirit-born faith children of eternal ascent, becoming divine in destiny, in perfecting oneness with the inseparable bestowal Spirit of God; and, as we truly learn to divinely love, we partake of the divine nature of our glorious, all-loving Maker in the spiritual guise, and divine companionship of our beloved inner God-Self; thus, with implicit faith we create and cultivate a personal religion of spiritual experience founded on living faith and divine love; accordingly, our dynamic faith conquests actualizes spiritual vitality and righteous fruitfulness, while walking in faith with the indwelling Spirit of Love and Light.


The Spirit Of Love Will Find A Way

“In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible.” “. . . all things work together for good to those who love God.” In this victorious spirit of truth the Divine Indweller of God’s lovesome presence, who ever-works and leads by love, downloads this revelatory teaching into the spiritual heart of one’s divinely loved soul; the Spirit’s selfless ministrations lovingly inspires, supplies spiritual strength/power, and wisely guides with divine farsightedness, those experientially actualizing souls, willing to advance triumphantly, by exercising unconquerable faith, in the challenging face of all difficulties, and inexplicability.

Even amid our mortal resistance—unconscious, or conscious—erroneous thinking, and/or spiritual deficiencies, by our sincere motivations, consistent determinations, and resolute choice-decisions, allows for the indwelling Spirit of Love to act ever-more favorably, effectively, progressively, influentially, and successfully in aligning the soul with the loving plan, perfecting program, and eternal purpose of God; thus facilitating harmonious working agreement, and loving synchronization of self-will with divine-will. Through the imperfections of our evolving spiritual standing, habits of mind, and weaknesses of the flesh, we are assured—through robust faith—to be victors of the Spirit, for we’re truly the mightily loved and safeguarded children of God.

We can wholly trust, with complete faith, in the inevitable triumph/rule of love, above and beyond all uncertainties, problems, and struggles, for in partnership with our indwelling God-Self, with ever-growing faith, we’re each guaranteed eternal salvation, in joyful, and loving service to God, our fellow human beings, and the myriad, far-flung universal family lovingly encountered in our spiritualizing climb; for the Spirit of Love within, will always perfectly find a way to surmount all time-space obstacles, and spiritual hurdles, and safely, surely, and lovingly pilot the divinely embraced soul via the earthly sojourn, upward and inward all through the immensity of the heavenly realms, and onward to the attainment of the living God.


The Nurturing Spirit Of Divine Love

Our Universal Creator Parent is so divinely nurturing and all-powerful in infinite love, that directly and personally, with limitless divine affection, endows each of us with a pure Spirit of supernal love, who exquisitely tends to our spiritual upbringing—Divinity incarnate within oneself as an ever-loving companion, for all eternity, such is the matchless, perfect love of God; this all-embracing loving nurture of the Creator—in individualized, personalized love-ministry, and spirit-form—ever-fosters the spiritualization of the mind, spiritual cultivation of the soul, and the progressive development and unification of one’s personality.

The God of love, being the eternal ancestral parentage, and infinite loving nurturer of everyone, has not neglected one soul in this all-sweeping love bestowal; for the Creator is personally aware and intimately loving of each person—making for a singularly loving exchange of the Divine Indweller and oneself—thus every soul is blessed to have an immediate, most loving, firsthand, sacred connection of inseparable supreme relationship with the inner parental presence of the Divine Spirit, the highest, purest, and greatest love of all; the enlightening God-consciousness, and adoring acknowledgment of our Maker, gives one the comforting feeling of having unbreakable divine support and readily nourishing spiritual communion—a profoundly encouraging guiding love-light for the growing soul, expanding personality, and spiritizing mind.

We are unfailingly, wisely, and lovingly nurtured, integrally, with our progressive cosmic training, and ever-advancing universal education; for our beloved Creator is lovingly nurturing each soul every ascending step in the evolution of one’s spiritual upraising, while taking great loving care to perfectly guide each of us according to our willing acquiesce. Indubitably, are we, the divinely nurtured and limitlessly loved daughters and sons of our Divine Progenitor, who is lovingly raising us to the heights of spiritual adulthood and spirit maturity, even through the ever-nurturing Divine Presence, the indwelling Spirit of Love.


The Changelessness Of Divine Love

Although divine love is ever creative and adaptive, its intrinsic nature is unchanging, for it is the Creator’s love, who is absolutely, perfectly, and eternally changeless; infinite love, being unchangeable and limitless in selfless expression, however, is influenced and impacted by any and all beings who are imperfect bestowers of true love; nevertheless, the purity of the spirit and actuality of God’s love ever remains constant, immutable, and in and of itself, unalterable, therefore, love divine can always be faithfully, and completely depended upon, here and now, and forever.

The unchanging propensity of love divine is unfailing, will never abandon one, nor become selfish in any manner—toward the individual or any aggregate thereof—or sighted for any form of fickleness, intolerance, or unforgivingness, for it is wholly unconditional, altruistic, and selflessly pure of heart, ever-revealing its true source the Universal Divine Heart of infinite love and eternal perfection; the innate spiritual symmetry of divine love includes the highest of universal values, divine meanings, exalted wisdom, living truth, everlasting beauty, and unlimited goodness, in divine integration, singleness of purpose, and all-pervading equilibrium, for God is unity and love, and infinitely more.

The invariable attribute of divine love gives us deep insight into the unchanging personality, inherent nature, and loving character of the living God, the Universal I Am, in/with whom we can unreservedly place our heartiest faith, at once, and forevermore; whose infinite love we can entirely rely upon, utterly know, and, in truth, personally experience, as always present, within, and all around us; a perfect love we can wholeheartedly abide in, fully trust, and love with all our heart, mind, body, and soul, even with our very lives; a love divine, that is with us through all phases of our evolutionary unfoldment, and eternity; for God is the changelessness that is divine love.


The Divine’s Loving Presence Is The Soul’s Essence

Our soul’s essence embodies, and is composed of the love, and loving presence of the Divine Indweller, for the Creator’s indwelling spirit co-creates, with love, the evolving immortal soul; essentially, in blending and merging interrelatedness—joint creation—the soul is being made of, and formed in, the spiritual realities of the Divine’s inner Spirit of Love, that ever-grows as our truest and realest self (God-Self) unfolds, spiritualizes, and matures—in devoted rapport with our Creator’s loving will, we inevitably seal, our gifted future as the immortalizing children of the Eternal One, who is infinite in love.

We’re integrally being spiritually birthed, divinely weaved, and affectionately enwrapped in the celestial and holy fabric of divine love, as spirit babes of the Universal Creator; even though we may at times feel separated from real love, or seemingly lacking thereof, our power of faith, and conjoined Essence-of-Infinity, does reveal, reassure, and reinforce the fact that God’s love is our inseparable truth, ever-bearing augmenting spiritual proof, and, as we keep the faith, we’ll begin to certainly see, and definitely experience, with spiritual vision, and soulful confirmation, that the heart-and-soul of our being is imbued with the Creator’s love.

In the midst of our growing pains, evolutionary challenges, and darkest of moments, be comforted by the Spirit of Truth, in knowing that we will unmistakably find, and wholly embrace the healing divinity and quintessential love actuality of the bestowed Spirit of Love resident within, who is our most loving soul companion, of enlightening truth, illuminating beauty, infinite goodness, and eternal love; no matter our earthly ancestry, or current familial deficiencies, let us uplift our love infused souls in the joy of realizing that we are, without a shadow of a doubt, being made in the spiritual image and likeness of the Divine, whose loving presence is our soul’s very essence.


The Spirit Of Love In Divine Action

Divine love is always in motion, hence the indwelling Spirit is fully activated in the moment-to-moment bestowal of actionable love in and through each soul; concurrently, the omnipresent love of the First Source and Universal Heart Center is unceasingly outpouring upon all beings; if God’s love would halt for one instant, we may surmise, there would be universal pandemonium—even to the finite awakened mind this is inconceivable. The Creator’s love inspires the response of love in the human heart, accordingly, in conjunction with the liberating love of the Divine Presence, we become active channels for loving goodwill to gracefully spread around the world; and, as love divine is enabled to move freely through the soul, one is surely divinely touched and spiritually enhanced.

True love is invariably action oriented, energetically finding creative ways to love others—although gently, it is also capable of tough love; whether demonstrative in thought, word, or deed, spiritual love is unstoppable, forever free-flowing, and, springing true from our hearts, an inexhaustible love-fount bathes the whole of the interior life; thus divine love being inherently outgoing in all its gratification-seeking, essentially exist above and beyond self-capture; what’s more, by the actively, all-embracing nature of divine love we’re granted the enthralling intimacy, and personal spiritual experience of the affectionate divinity of God-as-love.

Divine love is energy intensive, an infinite and eternal activity of the Creator’s all-lovingness, whose love-gravity, and love-force is heart-soul-food for all beings, ever-expanding as we share-serve the Spirit’s love-fruits with one another. Infinite love ever-circulates with divine vitality, for its inspirited vibrations, and pure love-active spirit, is thrillingly dynamic, of compelling spiritual power ever-revealing the Universal Creator’s all-loving heart, and full-on love-initiatives, of everlasting ministry, and relationship, whose love-bestowment is never-ending, ever-adaptive, and bountifully forthcoming, in union with the inner Spirit of Love in divine action.


Rising In Divine Love With The Indwelling Spirit

Assuredly, we’re rising in love with the all-loving, spiritually affectionate, indwelling Spirit of divine companionship—the beautifully enfolding, and gracefully unfolding personal experience of the Creator’s loving attendance, whose infinite love raises one to the higher heights of endearing relationships and warmhearted associations; thereby, in loving union with our ensouled Spirit of God, we’re transported in, and translated by, a spiritual love that excludes none, and embraces everyone; a love that finds us where we are, and takes each soul on an elevating love ascent to where one needs to be, just for the faithful loving of our dearest Universal Progenitor, and, one another.

Together, in increasing and perfecting oneness, our mounting love with the Divine Indweller consistently reveals the loving wonder of our Creator Parent; in truth, our beloved Creator’s infinity of love is eternally progressive, an ever-ascending divine romance of the highest order, a love that makes us more loving as we love in kind; this love arc of the Divine Spirit, moving ever upward and inward, is predestined to safely deliver each soul to the fusing and finalizing embodiment of the Divine Heart; currently, divine love inspires a reaching beyond oneself to a greater love functionality of a fraternally social, selflessly serving, and benevolent sensibility, predicated upon God’s loving will.

This divinely rising, cosmically ascending, spiritually advancing, soul growing, personality expanding, eternal love, uplifts us from the mundane life into the rarified heavenly air of an otherworldly, far-reaching, perpetual love escalation—a continually up-stepping love transformation that climbs ever-Godward, ever-inspiring the love-embraced soul to increasingly love with every pulsing heartbeat, as we each strive to love, ever-more fearlessly, creatively, altruistically, and intelligently, culminating into love’s true devotees, in the ultimate attainment of that high spiritual standard, in divine union with our indwelling Spirit, with whom, we’re rising in love, presently, and forevermore.


The Original Personality Of Infinite Love

We’re all divinely privileged receivers—daughters and sons—of the infinite love of the Universal Creator, who directly implants the Divine Presence within every mortal mind. We have a great deal to be grateful, thankful, and appreciative for, hence, beholden too, for the Original Personality, has given each soul a purely loving, Divine Spirit, of eternal inner ministry, and, endowed all human beings with a non-duplicable, unique personality, having sovereignty of will—empowered to choose everlasting existence—through which, we may personally know, be known, and love each other, and, the very Creator Source and Personality Center of all personalities.

Our Creator Parent knows us intimately, in real time, timelessly, perfectly, and establishes the means to discern, commune, adore, and love God instantaneously, through our lovingly bestowed Divine Indweller, who also connects us straightaway to the Infinite One at the center of all things, enabling moment-to-moment reception, and immediate reciprocity of the divine affection; what’s more, our all-loving, heavenly Creator, goes through all our life experiences with us—sharing in every affliction—lovingly guiding, teaching, and spiritizing as we live, and evolve toward an ever-fuller realization-comprehension of the Primal Personality, the First Person of Deity, the Universal I Am.

The endowment of living faith fosters and facilitates our person-to-Person contact with the Original Personality, who being highly personal, and eternally loving, infinitely shares the greatest love of all, with every single person, equally, and ceaselessly—through the all-inclusive universal personality circuit, and more; let us rejoice that our lovesome, lovable Maker, boundlessly cares, abundantly loves, and unfailingly ministers to us in the eternal now, giving each person-personality prompt access, and spiritual contact with the living truth, divine beauty, eternal goodness, and spirit-personality of God, whose indwelling Spirit, divinely loves, and wisely leads one’s soul-personality, to the personal presence, and Divine Heart of the Original Personality of infinite love.


The Will To Service Kindled By Divine Love

Altruistic loving service to/for others is a paramount feature of the inspiring outward love motive-motion of the indwelling Spirit, with whom, in oneness, we each can set free—without fear of depletion—and readily serve, the dynamically alive, always moving, outflowing propensity of the Eternal Creator’s infinite love; however, divine love diminishes when only selfishly self-contained, and expands when one’s God-Self is permitted to unselfishly bestow such love upon one and all; moreover, we simultaneously love and serve our beloved Creator, when divine love is sincerely shared with one another—the All-for-one, and the One-for-all.

The divinely innate generosity of spiritual love may come up against the deep-rooted selfishness of human resistance, which will ultimately be displaced, co-operatively, by the compelling spiritualizing influences of the indwelling Divine Lover, whose loving nature, flows forth selflessly, increasing as it is extended to each and every person—furthering the outworking of the Creator’s universal will-of-love; this far-reaching, outpouring love of God is conditioned, and conducted by one’s degree of willingness to serve such holy, heavenly love, ever-advancing, inevitably, toward a divinely attuned, perfectly loving character.

The Spirit of Love is a living truth, of extraordinary beauty, and astounding goodwill, finding unique expression through each soul—those not so inclined, the Creator loves no less, that they may be salvaged from a probable demoralizing state of lovelessness—predicated upon, and ignited by the all-giving ministry of spiritual love, that awakens and directs the will-to-serve; we can absolutely trust that the indwelling love Spirit in some proactive way kindles the divine fire of living love to spread forth from the heart—omnidirectionally—perhaps gradually, but definitively. We may be far from the ideal of wholehearted divine loving, yet, as we are, we can begin to embrace the will to service, as we become ever-more love serviceable in/with the torchbearer Spirit of Divine Love.


Divine Speed Accelerated By A Love Supreme

Increasing empowerment in the Holy Spirit, advancing enablement of the spiritualizing activities of the indwelling Spirit of Love, and the quickening divine teachings of the Spirit of Truth, gain momentum as we each spread the love of the Supreme One, who, through coalescence of all who may, brings forth a collective, totaling, and ubiquitous manifestation of the rule of love, on earth, and throughout the finite cosmos of heavenly realms; this ever-present divine love, cohering in, and outpouring through the Universal Mother—God the Supreme—is the Infinite Creator’s living spirit distribution center of limitless love for the grand universe—the mobilizing heart and actualizing oversoul of the entire evolutionary domains.

The spiritual forward movement, intensifying immediacy, and deepening intimacy of the Divine Presence, are divinely propelled by the loving agency, wise auspices, spiritual pursuits, and divine labors of the indwelling Spirit of God—of highly personalized spiritual ministry—is creatively escalated, and wisely expedited, in tandem with the choosing personality’s wholehearted acceptance, and decisive compliance, faithfully sustained, in accord with the cosmic plans, heavenly purposes, and spiritual processes of the inner Spirit of Love’s divine assignment and, glorious scheme of eternal liberation, effecting the loving salvation, and everlasting survival of the soul.

Divine progress, in conjunction with infinite love, living truth, divine beauty, and eternal goodness, are the advancing, universal guiding values, righteous meanings, and spiritual realities of the Almighty Supreme, accelerated by a divine love that affectionately holds the entire cosmos of evolutionary beings within the encircling loving spiritual arms, and divine heart of Mother Supreme; thus, we’re all divinely obligated to contribute to the escalating circulation of a love Supreme, here, there, and everywhere; hence, ever-reflecting the ever-growing, catalyzing, synthesizing, consolidation of the grand whole of the cosmic family, centered, stabilized, and, actuating in, of, by, with, and through the all-loving Supreme Being.


Ascend Into Oneness With The Spirit Of Love

Our ever-constant, superbly devoted, loyal companion, of the highest, purest divinity—an actual part of God—the indwelling Spirit of Love, is always with us, introducing, proposing, and establishing the progressive spiritizing ascent into life everlasting, while planning, preparing, and piloting the assenting soul, toward an eternal career of spiritual perfection, intellectual achievement, and the definite chief aim of personally attaining the living God; these momentous wonders of the Spirit are secured through love, and, whole-souled faith—the key requirements for our ascension plan to initially go into full effect.

The all-loving, all-beautiful, all-wise Divine Spirit dwelling within us, will not abandon, nor in any way forsake one to fend the battles of life alone, for our exalted God-Self, being the living presence of our beloved Creator, is ever-forgiving—even before we ask—divinely patient, and perfectly consecrated to the all-encompassing task of the soul’s rectification, sanctification, spiritualization, and actualization of the loving will of God; consequently, as the Creator’s spirit-born daughters and sons, we bear the eternalizing gifts of God—personality, faith, spirit-soul, and the spiritual capacity to be made anew in the divine image of the Universal I Am-as-love.

We’re all divinely, personally, and lovingly offered the extraordinary opportunity, singular promise, and divine privilege of ascending into spiritual oneness, unified and embraced in perpetuity, in the spiritual similitude of, and by, the God of love; for the endowed gift of Spirit makes possible an unending life of eternal union, assuring that we, in time, most certainly will finally prevail; our heavenly ascension begins now, as the Spirit rehearses us for the amazing spiritualizing ascent forthcoming, whereby, we will eventually attain permanence of spirit, eternal fusion, forever integrated, merged, and amalgamated with the all-embracing, all-loving Infinite One, who has made our ascending oneness possible—for what God has joined together no one can tear asunder.


The Warm Loving Presence Of Divinity

Our world is a vital, organic, familial part of a friendly, benevolent, caring universe, originating from, surrounded by, and invested with, the warm loving presence of Divinity—although it may seem otherwise; thereby, we’re highly blessed with the perfectly unified spirits of loving ministry: the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and our beloved angelic personal guardians of destiny; in truth, we all have life and being in God’s all-inclusive infinite and eternal love-swell, spiritually drawing everyone—who heartily and wholly consent—to the spirit-bosom of the Universal Divine Heart.

As we earnestly aspire to single-mindedly place our faith in the invisible realities and living truths of the all-loving spirits enveloping and indwelling us, the loving warmth of the Divine will become ever more real, perceptible, substantial, and experiential. The gradually actualizing, complete rule of love, at present, is potentially operative in everyone’s heart, and, by our God-given sovereignty of freewill choice, we have the liberating option of making this all-loving spirit presence of Divinity more tangible to ourselves and the world at large. The love of God is here to stay, therefore, be assured, no one, nor condition, can prevent the eventual planetary reign of love from fully materializing.

Thus, at any given moment, we can soften the harsh experiences of life with the welcoming, comforting, healing, and heart-warming spiritual companionship of Divinity, who encircles and endows us with infinite and eternal love, thoroughly contributing to our spiritual well-being, mental serenity, and soul peace—in spite of the current state of local and global relations. The loving personality and affectionate presence of God is undeniable and forthcoming to the faith-quickened soul, and will inevitably become a worldwide phenomenon, wherein, all God’s earthly and spirit-born children, shall forever be warmed, even now, by our eternally warmhearted, infinitely loving, heavenly Creator’s endearing ministrations of loving divinity.


The Spirit Of Love Inwardly Delights In Us

Our inseparable, most beautiful inner companion, the Spirit of Love, takes supreme delight in abundantly, and unreservedly loving each indwelt human being; it is written: true love is the desire to do good too, and for others, and this is the very nature of God, whose loving spirit, infinitely and eternally, loves absolutely; unremittingly, imparting a love that gives as much as it can be received, and more, as we also freely give this divine love to our earthbound sisters and brothers; thereby, amplifying love in the soul, as it advances through the heart, by means of the mind and, via the personality—ever bringing us closer to the loving ways and spiritual likeness of the Universal Divine Heart.

True happiness, unparalleled joy, sheer enchantment, and heavenly bliss, will only increase, ever-gladdening the heart, as we mature in the generous and creative giving—to one and all—of this peaceful love, proceeding from the love-filled delight of our indwelling God-Self; this ideal, implicit, infinite love, enables us to inwardly, wholly enjoy the endearing spiritual charm, divine affection, and sublimely beautiful delightfulness of our beloved Creator, presently, and actively loving us; there is no joy like the joy of experiencing firsthand the all-embracing love of our intimately transcendent Creator.

This great, incomparable, and uncontainable loving joy of the Divine Spirit, in personally, and devotedly, loving every person, experiences the highest degree of divine pleasure bestowing love in loving ministry upon each soul—especially as we learn to cherish, adore, and truly love each other and, our Creator in return; and, as we reciprocate the Creator’s love by communing acknowledgment, loving reverence, glorifying worship, soulful veneration, thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciative sharing of the inner-life with our Creator’s spirit presence, we’ll add love-joy to our personal spiritual experience of God’s loving delight in-through-with us, forthwith, and for always.


Divine Love, A State Of Being

We are presently conditioned, spiritually, soulfully, and mentally, to be Godlike spiritual lovers, to love divinely, unconditionally, resulting in a magnificent mode of being that is love dominant—inevitably becoming second nature; and, as we permit divine love to shape our unfolding reality of spiritualizing personhood, we will assuredly become more like the Universal-Eternal-Infinite-Heart, whose Spirit of Love blessedly resides within, ennobling, glorifying, and immortalizing one’s spirit-conjoined inner-life; certainly, as we keep our hearts and minds filled and flowing with the Creator’s love, we’ll delightfully enter a wondrous, harmonizing, spiritualizing, and abiding state of righteous lovingness.

Our current developmental spiritual status of progressive growth and, increasing divine and combined, love-flow with the indwelling Spirit, is now in gradual formation; and, as we get ever-closer, coming to truly know, and love more deeply our all-loving, all-beautiful, and all-wise Creator—through inner spiritual communion (prayer, meditation, worship), loving regard, and endearing service for one another—we’ll be ever-metamorphosing into the spirit likeness of the Eternal One; for we are indelibly transforming into an immortal standing of ever-ascending higher existence, wherein, we are being spiritually made in the divine image of our Creator-Maker, and Spirit-Parent.

Ultimately, in becoming permanently fused in spiritual perfection with our inner Spirit of limitless love, we will eternalize our stature of beinghood, becoming thoroughly love divinized in the process; and, forevermore will our evolving stages of being be spiritually structured with a divine constitution of budding and blossoming spiritual attributes, perennially ensconced in infinite love; even now, as we are, through the power of faith-choice, we readily have the means to foster and solidify our order of selfhood to that high attainment, wherein our character, personality, and soul standing shall be endowed with an enduring state of being that is centered forevermore in the truth, beauty, and goodness of the infinity of God’s love.


The Universality And Eternity Of Infinite Love

The First Source and Absolute Center of eternal love infinitely, and invariably overshadows, imbues, contains, and sustains all beings, now, and forevermore; hence there is no eluding the all-encompassing, virtually irresistible, universality of infinite love; as such, there is no outside of it, for the perfect love of the Universal I Am is all-pervasive, immutably transfusing all creation with a spiritual love that is the omnipresent revelation and, in-your-heart personalization of the holy love of the First Person of Deity; divine love, being everywhere accessible, and experiential, reveals: the more true love is freely given, the more pure love is available for love-filled living—loving service, all relationships, associations, and humanity as a whole.

Our all-loving infinite Creator is universally, and affectionately all-embracing of every soul through the great circuit of divine love; what’s more, this divinely personal, absolute love of God, being all-inclusive, personalizes loving relations with each personality bestowal—we’re endowed as such, directly from the Original Personality of love; even a perfect portion of the eternal Creator’s love nature—the indwelling Spirit of Love—is entrusted, and gifted to lovingly live in the heart and soul of every human being, henceforth fostering, God-realization, immortal spirit-soul-integration, and eternal fusion—everlasting oneness.

The Eternal One—whose personal attitude, and perfect acts are always and forever love dominant—infinitely, eternally, uniformly, and personally loves every person; moreover, the loving nature of God is not secondary to any of the Creator’s infinite attributes; therefore, all who dwell in true love, dwells in God; thus, divine love identifies the actual presence, and lovable companionship of God; furthermore, the ubiquitous threefold Trinity bestowment of universal love, eternal mercy, and infinite ministry, supremely maintains, that our nearest and dearest approach to the Divine Spirit is by and through love, for God is, and always will be love, universally, eternally, and infinitely.


Divine Love Inspirer Of Selfless Acts

We are exceedingly blessed to have living in and acting through/with us, the most purely unselfish spiritual reality known in the universe, and, that is none other than the indwelling Spirit of Love—an actual spirit-fragment of the living God; therefore, no matter how much we struggle with self-centeredness, this bona fide altruistic spirit ever urges, nudges, prompts, guides, and directs us to adopt the more divine propensity of acting instead, from our Spirit’s ensouled love-hub—God within—and thereof, experience the augmenting exhilaration and delight of an ever-increasing people-consciousness.

To gently, firmly, and persistently liberate one’s personality from the limitations of self-love, and fully embrace the interior Spirit’s unstinting, all-wise, all-inclusive, affectionate caring, and devoted sharing of a selfless love, indelibly influences one to act as God would; for the Divine Spirit in collaborative inner-action, when unhindered, and generously bestowed upon one another, we become decidedly, mutually touched with Godliness in the process; for all this personalizing spiritual ministry is intimately a part of our Creator’s divinely sanctioned, and shared, evolutionary plan of participatory, experiential, perfecting love-actions, divinely prescribed for each and every soul.

This unselfish characteristic of the indwelling Spirit of Love—the God-Self—inspires one toward deeds of amazing and astounding love acts of selfless devotion, loving service, and self-sacrificing support; for to creatively strive to give to the needs of others, is truly divine and, God-inspired; furthermore, to allow oneself to be uplifted into the heavenly air of supreme joy, by following the divine lead of the loving selflessness of the inner Spirit, by taking love initiatives to its spiritual heights, in fraternal service, and loving relations, is to divinely act in accordance with our Creator’s all-lovingness; and, by acting in this self-giving manner, we will most certainly, become ever-more activated, animated, and actionable in the selfless loving ways of God-as-love.


Divine Love Stimulates Greatheartedness

Divine and spiritual love gives eternal rise and outlet—in and through the responsive heart—of the virtuous, altruistic divine fruits of the spirit—of the indwelling Spirit of Love—causing an openhearted, unselfishness to surface, and come to socializing light; for the love-liberated, love-saturated individual is steeped in lovingkindness, and, galvanized to positively bring forth, and benevolently express the spiritualizing spirit-essence, of the all-loving God-presence, who continuously imparts to one and all, a graciousness of personality, a charitableness of mind, and a bigheartedness of soul; therefore, it rest upon each of us, to carry this budding greatheartedness to full-fledged realization upon the world stage of interrelations.

Infinite and universal love unceasingly stimulates, divinely energizes, and spiritually animates a liberality and generosity of spirit that beautifully inspires loving attitudes, and winning performances of compassionate humanitarianism, beneficent neighborliness, bountiful goodwill, and loving service, that superlatively gives the highest consideration and, the greatest respect of an idealistic love, to each and every person, now, and for all time to come; thus, divine love can open wide the stupendous spiritual capacities of the heart, and, conjointly and gently release, the endowed divine grace, and spiritual glory of the inner Spirit of God’s love, and nature.

Eternal and agape love, in its exalting freeness of unconditional loving, magnanimously proclaims, and divinely produces a profoundly high-spirited, truly serviceable, genuinely hospitable, creative warmheartedness; thereby, stimulating the willingness and courageousness to offer up the small-self, in favor of the sweet divine flavor of the indwelling God-Self of limitless spiritual wealth, and everlasting health; for divine love is a mighty stimulus toward a wholehearted, worldwide, spiritual awakening of greatheartedness, ever-revealing the infinitely volitional, personal will, and divine character of our all-loving Creator, the Universal First Person of Love, emanating from one’s eternalizing heart-soul-space, in which, God’s operating center of love is situated and based.


The Spiritualizing Activities Of The Spirit Of Love

Presently, there are essential spiritualizing activities occurring, mostly unknown, in the upper mind zone—the superconscious realm; this divine enterprise, of our lovable God-Self, optimally and necessarily, advances as a collaborative endeavor, for the indwelling Spirit of Love seeks our freewill, sincere, experiential, united, and loving participation; how enthralling it is, to be granted spirit-sight—faith-vision—to assist the tireless inner Spirit of God, to more effectively enact those spiritual initiatives centered in creative love, living truth, and far-seeing wisdom, ultimately, to effect the entire transformation of one’s divinizing being in eternal union.

We needn’t search beyond our very own beloved, divinely affable, inseparable companion and, most loving bosom spirit-friend—the uniquely individualized spirit-gift of the Universal Creator—to tap in, and flow-forth our highest good, purest love, greatest truth, and sublimest beauty; our Creator, through profuse, munificent, unceasing love, and promising reassurance, inspires us to faith forward, to a future life of joyful service, spiritual perfection, and spirit attainment; hence, all this awe-inspiring divine activity happening within us, tunes us to the divine key of the leading of the Spirit; therefore, by reciprocating spirit-personality osmosis, we are destined to become more God-knowing, Godlike, and Godly.

We are indeed capable, to wholly adopt and convey, the ongoing spiritualization of thought and feeling—inclusive of purification from unspiritual emotions—to fully embrace the enlightening, divine shaping of mind, spiritizing of soul, and enlargement of personality; all progressively eternalized, by submitting to the spiritually activating and divinely actuating, program, plan, and assignment of alignment with our inner Spirit, now, and forevermore; consequently, there will never come to an end, the living revelation of the glorious personality, divine nature, and infinite attributes of the eternal God of love, who has magnificently begun the spiritualizing activities of an eternity, by way of the bestowed indwelling Spirit of Love.