Divine Love Is Ideal Love

Divine love, above and beyond the numerous ideas, and various abstractions—true or false—we may have of love, loving, and being loved, nonetheless, God’s love, is an ideal, living love, not afar off, but spiritually activated, and creatively active, more or less, within every person, operating somewhat independently of our concepts of love, yet entirely responsive to our genuine loving motivations, and sincere love actualizations; even in our current state of affairs—personally and collectively—we’re endowed with the capability to love ideally, notwithstanding any conditional, or circumscribed manner of loving—or lack thereof—we may uphold.

As we endeavor to put forth the ideal of love in our everyday relational goings and comings—mentally, physically, and soulfully—we may encounter an inner and outer resistance to divine love, primarily, because it requires we increasingly love unselfishly, and wholeheartedly, for in truth, we are lovingly directed to espouse a truer, lasting love that puts us in augmenting spiritual rapport with our God-given indwelling Spirit of Love, as the living channels by which God’s love can have a continuous individualized means to be bestowed upon our fellows—resulting in, an idealistic love that is one for all, and all for one.

The ideal, and ideals of divine love, gives us a faith-glimpse into the loving heart of God, who, impresses the soul with an idealizing love, inspiring acts of spiritized-spirited love, enabling one to more fully express a purer love too, and for others, here, there, and everywhere. Whereas divine love is an idyllic, heavenly love, it’s not a flighty, or fleeting love, but a realistic, hands-on, quintessential, dynamic, unfailing love paragon for every soul, and all souls to come; for divine love, ideal love, is God’s love, ever-seeking expression through each and every personality, and, is preordained to be the established love of Divinity, for our spiritually evolving planet, even now, and forevermore.