The Spirit’s Loving Nature Is Our Divine Inheritance

The all-loving Creator’s segregated divine presence, has been lovingly gifted too, and spiritually grafted upon, each soul, and thereof, lies our magnificent divine inheritance, having eternal import, infinite value, transcendent meaning, and unlimited potential; moreover, as spirit-born sons and daughters of our Beloved Maker, we have been given a spiritual birthright of everlasting life, and limitless progress, wherein, the Infinite Creator’s perfect nature of pure love, living truth, divine beauty, and boundless goodness, slowly but certainly, transforms the faithful one into a human-divine consolidation of personhood, endowed with Godhood, ever-evolving Godward, becoming, by in by, a Godlike loving soul.

Our infinite and eternal Original Ancestor, the Universal God of love, is our First Source of Divine Parentage, creating, connecting, and establishing in each person a divine legacy of true love, endowed with never-ending life, and inexhaustible possibility; it’s not what we are today, but what we’re day by day becoming, that is vitally important; what’s more, because we have inherited our indwelling Spirit’s essence of pure love, destined, are we, to be, perfected in love, in combination, exemplification, and revelation, of, and with Divinity, whose lovingness becomes us, as we in kind become it, inheriting, and now inheritors, of the all-loving nature of God.

The Divine Spirit of love has been bestowed within us, and as we evolve, spiritize, and eternalize, we also become as Divinity—lovable, lovely, and loving—divinized in progressive oneness with the Infinite Creator’s inwardly emplaced Spirit Presence—our all-loving God-Self; hence, as we freely choose to be reborn in the heavenly estate, as spiritually perfecting children of the Universal I AM—the finite progeny of the far-flung family of God—we become heirs to a love dominant spiritual heritage, universally harmonized by, and stabilized in, the Creator’s all-encompassing will-of-love, even as eternalizing familial members, forever endowed with God’s loving nature, our divine inheritance.