Divine Love Unveils The Times At Hand

Be joyful of heart, there are better, greater, and more loving days ahead, for divine love, as unveiled by the Creator’s indwelling spirit presence, is bestowed with perfect purpose in every soul and, constitutes, supports, and is essential to the spiritual progress, and evolutionary advancements, lovingly being made in the human-heart, as a worldwide revelation of God-as-love; for the universal ethical and moral conduct of all relations—in thought, word and deed—is divinely decreed, to be expressed with the heartfelt beatitude and benevolent attitude of a love Supreme, enacted in accordance with God’s loving will, and, whose spiritual fruition, and divine destiny, is currently materializing.

In the spirit of an all-embracing infinite love, there unfolds a more perfect vision, and enduring manifestation of divine love. And now, on the cusp of planetary attainment, true love, is arising and galvanizing in and through the spiritualizing hearts, and ever-expanding God-consciousness of the world’s cosmic citizens; for our Creator’s love is globally imminent, being in due time, directly and fully established in the human-heart, as an integral part of humankind’s coming spiritual age of unified love, light, and life; thus, personally and collectively, as living instruments of God’s love, rest assured, with faith-knowing, that our precious world is currently in the midst of a planetary transformation rooted in the universal love, and experiential wisdom of the Supreme Heart.

Through the ever-loving, all wise, eternally true, pure goodness, and beautiful eyes of the interior Spirit of Love, we can envisage the forthcoming ascendancy of divine love, substantiating, signaling, and initiating a universal brother-sisterly, father-motherly love—united as One-Love, God’s love—throughout the world; let us raise our spirit-born, love transmuting hearts to warmly welcome, wholeheartedly espouse, and courageously make known God’s love, through the demonstrative unveiling, intelligent exhibition, and peace-loving inauguration of a world-humanity of souls, eternally ruled by a Divinity of Love, that is close at hand.