Self-Realization Through The Spirit Of Divine Love

As we sincerely endeavor to truly see ourselves through the pure, unadulterated spiritual eyes, and outpoured love of our Creator’s indwelling presence, we begin to discern ever-more clearly, a truer, higher state of being, and overall advancing purpose, in this life and beyond; additionally, in becoming increasingly self-realized, and mature spiritually, we come to be, more self-actualized, and, in truth, ultimately God-realized. Let us rejoice, as we embark upon the ascending, spiritualizing pathway of expanding self-knowledge, and self-fulfillment, by virtue of self-identifying with the supremely loving, spirit-model, and spiritual-pattern of our inner-companioned Spirit of Love.

In acquiring genuine insight into our truest, realest, deepest, eternal self—our inmost God-Self—we begin to perceive the ever-growing reality of the immortal soul, and the supreme goal of life—devoted communion with, and eventual perfection in, the spirit of God-as-love, whose divinely loving spirit-presence dwells within us, for wholehearted spiritual embodiment, spirit-fusion, and everlasting oneness; in gaining a more accurate appraisal of ourselves in the light of an ever-augmenting, spiritizing-self, having eternal self-worth, our true selfhood, presently emerging, becomes front and center, as a divinely stabilizing soul-spirit-being, and unifying personality of unending potential and possibility.

Endowed with the Spirit of Truth, encircuited in the Holy Spirit, and indwelt by the Spirit of Love, assuredly, we’ll each, progressively come to see, and know our higher-self, and, ideal-self of each other, as God sees us; moreover, as we align, with the Divine, and strive to be about the Creator’s will-of-love, God makes us more than we are, even spirit-realized-souls, capable of comprehending divine values, spiritual meanings, and the very fact of the Deity person-personality of God; hence, perfecting self-co-creation, with the selfless indwelling God-Spirit, eventuates into spiritual achievement, ever-advancing the immortalizing soul-self to greater levels of enlightened awareness, spiritually focused, and intrinsically connected with our steadily increasing self-realization, through a divine love, garnered, in an ever-evolving God-consciousness.