Divine Love Is A Many Splendored Reality

The spiritual splendor of divine love is not far removed or unaccessible, for its Godly magnificence pulsates unceasingly within us, by way of the indwelling Spirit of God—our always present spirit-companion, and eternity partner—who sublimely acts, tirelessly, to bestow its absolute and beatific love upon us, and if we concur, in co-operative, loving response to our Creator’s love, there arises a splendid altruistic love, radiantly, increasingly, outflowing through one’s heart. Marvelously, we’re divinely enhanced, and spiritually illuminated by a paradisiacal love that grows in brightness and lovingness when we similarly love others, which in itself, enlarges our capacity to truly love, as God loves.

The Creator’s universal grandeur of eternal, and infinite love is preordained, and everlastingly sustained, as it superbly conditions the never-ending union, of the spirit of God, with our human nature; moreover, the wondrous, divinely affectionate, heart-warming presence of Divinity, unfailingly, and unstintingly, reveals the Supreme Heart’s loving nature, and love diffusing interior spirit brilliance—the true light that lights the world—the inner Divine Spark, that sets alight, the soul’s glorious effulgence of divine love, whose spiritual appeal, is ever so real, that we can undoubtedly feel, its heavenly, uplifting richness, and all-encompassing grandness of limitless goodness.

God’s matchless, all-loving majesty, is to be lovingly praised, all of our days, which in turn, inspires us to disseminate divine love’s boundlessly splendored reality, in progressively creative ways; what’s more, as we self-identify with God’s will-of-love, we eternalize into Godlikeness; thus, the self-realization of the supremely loving, and most beautiful loveliness of our inner God-Self, at once, love-motivates, our love-embraced personality, to love others—beyond personal preferences—to an increasing extent, resplendently, and unselfishly; subsequently, one becomes, inevitably, wholly fused in the transformative, infinite splendor, of the Indwelling Spirit’s ennobling of the soul, in spiritualizing delight, and perfecting oneness, with the many splendored actuality of divine love.