Agape Love

Vested with spirit-soul-sight, the divine light of agape love, centers our higher heart-attention, and we’re mentally illumined, soulfully touched, and spiritually elevated, by the all-loving indwelling Spirit, who is, for each of us, the actuality of God’s love; however, agape love is positively distinguishable from human love, for it is entirely an unselfish love, being uniquely unconditional in all its dynamic, outgoing qualities—except for the precondition that divine love be freely given for it to be truly, effectually operative, and expansive.

Agape love is Godly in all its manifestations, gracefully giving one a deeply felt, forthright, experiential sense of the Creator’s awe-inspiring, divinely affectionate, loving nature and presence; and, in getting to know this phenomenal love, by sharing it, straight from our love-growing hearts-and-souls, by way of the inner God-Self, as a result, in time, through its spiritualizing propensity, and augmenting reality, we’re destined to become as agape love is, of God, and Godlike; thus, our emerging, spiritual-self is ever-infused with a transforming love that eternalizes the soul, and unerringly leads to the eternal goal, attainment of the very person of God—the universal, eternal, infinite source, and substance of all true love.

Agape love: true love, pure love, real love, omni-love, absolute love, transcendental love, divine love, altruistic love, selfless love, unqualified love, ideal love, holy love, perfect love, infinite love, and eternal love, it’s all God’s love, universally shared; and, this always accessible, divinely transmitted, limitless love, encourages one to love others divinely, for it to increasingly flow from the heart. Agape love is so true it cannot be destroyed, detained, nor diminished, and actually reveals and reflects the loving presence of the living God. Agape love, the love of God, ever-seeks the through-way of one’s body, mind, and soul, that it may lovingly circulate, compassionately relate, and sometime, wholly permeate all people, who, even now, are embosomed in the agape love of the Supreme Heart of God.