The Spiritualizing Synthesis Of Divine Love

In purposive, synergistic collaboration with the loving ministrations of the indwelling Divine Spirit, there occurs an evolving spiritual synthesis, and synchronous tuning, via living love, of one’s inner life, integrating, harmonizing, and spiritualizing the cooperative mind, and unifying personality; there’s at work, a supernal, celestial, cosmic blending of loving ministry, wherein, the soul is divinely infused, bathed, and enwrapped in spiritual love; the Supreme Heart universally gives a spiritizing love that’s pivotal to the eternalization of the soul, and, when sincerely reciprocated—heart-to-heart, and socially—furthers the transformative spirit-power of God’s love.

As God potentially, and experientially becomes as oneself, and as one comes to be Godlike, divine love is surely the all-encompassing spiritual attitude characterizing the spiritualizing activities of the centermost God-Self, for pure love is the dominant attribute of the Universal I AM, that permeates all life; thus slowly and surely the endowment of the Creator’s divine gift of the indwelling Spirit of Love melds the amenable individual into an ever-more lovable, loving union of oneness, a human-divine interbeingness, correlated, and combined into a co-creative, co-ordinated love sharing of the highest order, while preparing, and perfecting the soul for the ultimate attainment of the Primal Source, and Original Personality of love.

There’s a spiritual osmosis prevailing within the soul as the Divine Indweller saturates the heart with the purest love, commingling, and fostering a growing love phenomenon, making one more spirit-like in the process; an intrinsic human and divine exchange is underway, whereby each synthesizes, and coalesces into the other, in progressive at-onement, facilitated by one’s choices, decisions, and acquiesce to the fusing divine integration of the Spirit of Love, in concert with, the Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit; assuredly, we’re becoming eternally alive—spiritually one—with, in, and through the ongoing spiritualizing synthesis of our indwelling Spirit of divine love.