Our World’s Vast Spiritual Love Potential

The tensions between the potential and actual manifestations of divine love is currently at a critical, turning point throughout the world, accordingly, each person is called to the sacred task, and high-function of being active channels of God’s love—that even now envelopes the entire planet; this world-changing spiritual love ever-seeks willing, courageous, and consecrated souls who would dare to wholeheartedly love in the midst of our planetary predicament and, embody in oneness, love’s unconquerable reality.

There are immense possibilities, and imminent probabilities, for living love to become the paramount actuality of our world culture; in truth, the reign of love is not only promised, it is unavoidable, for God is love, and divines it so, as a definitive evolutionary inevitability for our planet, which no person(s) can prevent, yet albeit, can delay; for the Supreme Heart upholds the world close with/in pure love, in unity with all other spiritual forces, and the Spirit of Love resident within every soul, who therein, seeks every opportunity to be liberated for the good of humanity, and the love of every single human being.

May we take heart in faith-knowing that extensive, and sweeping world changes are being wrought through the creative and compelling power of divine love; let us rejoice, as the actuality of ideal love is impressed upon our souls, and gently endeavors to move freely through our hearts for bestowal upon each other. This great love of Divinity will not fail, for it is of the loving will of God; therefore, all people must eventually face the choice of destiny, for no one can escape the love of God; thereby, each of us are lovingly charged to unselfishly love, and wholly embrace the vast spiritual love potential that pulsates within us, for it is essential to the progress of every individual, and, our whole world.