Reborn In The Likeness Of The Spirit Of Love

The indwelling Spirit of God has made possible, and given rise to our new spiritual birth—re-creation—reborn, into a unique beginning of spiritual adventure in the perfecting transformation of Spirit likeness; being love children of the Universal I Am, we’re spirit-born, and delivered into our budding existence as potential eternity partners with the Divine; for the exalted inner Spirit of Love is the Divine Parent of our real, higher, advancing, and future spiritual self; the Divine Indweller—the spiritual reflected image of God—is increasingly mirrored in and through the soul.

The Divine Parental Presence ever-warms our spiritual childhood with pure love, sublime peace, supernal joy, and tranquillity of spirit, for the inner Divine Heart is lovingly, and wholly involved with our souls upraising, perfecting spiritualization, and unending progressive unfoldment, culminating in the spiritual adulthood of eternal life; in growing up of soul, and becoming Godlike, we learn to take after, and follow, the intimate lead, and perfect example of the God-hood, and Godliness, of our bestowed God-Self, who teaches one how to be, act, and perform, as God would, while learning to lovingly embrace, selflessly serve, and divinely befriend, all souls, in the glorious light of God’s loving will.

As we exemplify our divine becoming, in taking after the ways of God-as-love, the interior spiritual image of the Spirit gift of God’s presence ever-becomes us in truth; and, being the faith children of existential ancestry, and inheriting a far-flung universal family of spiritual kinship, by way of the inner God-Presence, we’re destined to fully live our lives, in re-created spiritualized oneness; as we grow to increasingly resemble, spiritually, our all-beautiful Spirit Progenitor, we’ll inevitably portray that we’re of God, and divine love will surely radiate, illustrate, and divinely relate, in every particular, our rebirth in the likeness of our Beloved, the indwelling Spirit of Love.