A Love Divine We Can Absolutely Trust

The Infinite One of limitless love has entrusted a fragment of the Essence of Infinity to live as experiential partners within our hearts and minds, in eternal trusteeship of all our experientially attained spirit values, garnered in the registered truths of daily life, and ever-preserved for safekeeping; truly, the Divine Indweller, the actuality of God’s love, can forever be absolutely depended upon to unfailingly lead, and pilot the soul, step by step, in achieving the living of God’s will; faithfully, we can wholeheartedly trust our spiritual covenant, and fusing partnership with our beloved God-Self, who is eternally above reproach.

With positive faith-trust, we can have complete confidence in our indwelling Spirit, the divine gift of pure love, whose perfect wisdom, is gloriously contributory to the ever-evolving factors of our spiritual welfare, and soul well-being; we are blessed beneficiaries of a sacred trust, that is, and ever will be, immutable; our spirit-soul-trust is unassailable, irrefutable, and eternal, and is the absolute certainty and promise, of our forthcoming spiritual destiny of heavenly destinies, even the ultimate destiny, the attainment of the all-loving, living God.

With the assurances of faith-certitude, we can put unmitigated, intelligent trust in the overcare of God’s ever-present Spirit of Love, faith-knowing, that we’re spiritually protected with the unconquerable spirit armor of inextinguishable light and inexhaustible love; our solemnity of trust will continually grow as we progress in spiritual living and loving; currently, starting upon the divine adventure, ever-Godward, timed-and-spaced in God’s love-gravity, we’re spirit-entrusted and divinely-charged to be ever-Godlike, as we proceed in attaining the God of love; undoubtedly, we will mature in trustworthiness, as the indwelling Spirit lovingly sustains us through every struggle toward spiritual perfection, and, as we absolutely come to trust, now, and forevermore, the God of love divine, in any and all situations of our ascending spiritual advancement.