The Evolutionary Unfolding Of Divine Love

Although divine love is an all-powerful, compelling spiritual reality and force of the Universal Creator, it is certainly not forceful, but spiritually gentle, evolutional, and creative; and even though infinite love is freely given to all, it thrives in the giving, through altruistic social service and ministry, as a major contributor to moral progress, and as an indispensable feature of the development of the evolving ethical culture; the loving attunement of one’s soul may be intermittently touched by tough love, however, God loves, essentially, in ever so spiritually tenderhearted ways.

The Spirit of love creates the capacity within the heart for a fuller love experience, whose enlargement is furthered as love is freely bestowed; moreover, God’s infinite love is ever-patient, forgiving, and unconditional, providing a slow but sure revelatory flow of divine love that ever-bathes the soul in the loving-kindness of the indwelling God-Spirit, who affectionately, by loving degrees, and graciously unpressured inner spaciousness, continually evolves in/with the soul; thus, the spiritual impulses of the God-Self, always honors the sovereignty of personality in the gradual unfoldment and ministration of eternal love.

The reign of divine love is steadily evolving, and as a person learns to truly love, all people are benefited, thereby contributing to the love amplitude of the whole; through the creative technique of evolution, there develops, in accordance with one’s spiritual attainment, and selfless loving, a fuller expression of an ever-growing, blossoming, and maturing spiritual love; although a long time may pass before the rule of love conquers all things, a love Supreme always reflects the totality status of unfolding love, in response to the far-flung love-designs of the Creator’s evolutional process, and purpose, eventuating triumphantly, even now, and in the coming ages of light and life, wherein the fullness of the evolutionary unfolding of divine love will reach revelatory and experiential repleteness.