The Inner Voice Of Divine Love

The so-called still small voice within, being the spirit articulations of the indwelling Spirit presence of our beloved Creator, whose divine voice, while rarely actually heard, does unceasingly speak universal wisdom, and living truth, within the ensouled mind, that faintly echos throughout the higher spiritual consciousness; and, if we strive to know and live the truths of the Spirit, the voice of God will eventually be heard, until then, it will be of soul record for future acknowledgement; rest assured, by advancing in spiritual living, we will in due course discern, in truth, the ever-loving auto-revelatory Word of God.

The innermost utterances of the God-Self maintains an unbroken ministry of divine communication, spiritual communion, and spirit expression, for faith validation, wholehearted embracement, and experiential synthesis in the heart-and-soul of the God craving, and, God consecrated individual; we may catch fleeting revelations of spiritual verbalization especially in: worshipful, prayerful, meditative states, doing the divine will, loving-service, bearing spirit fruits, and sharing the inner life with God; our faith-certitude will, in time, evidence, and embody, the ongoing reverberating spiritual enunciations of the indwelling God-Spirit of infinite love.

The constant spiritual assertions, and leading pronouncements of the Divine Spirit is facilitated by an intelligent, spiritually receptive faith hearing, however, all unheard revelations are unfailingly registered/archived in the spirit-soul—nothing of spiritual value will ever be lost; of our inlying Spirit, we can decipher, with faith surety and spiritual experience, that the eternal voice of love is of heavenly tones, replete with the spiritual sweetness of loving affection, and matchless devotion, and although the voice of God is not often, if ever heard, it can surely be felt, and/or realized in the spiritualization of our thoughts, and through the spiritual urgings, guidance, and teachings, spoken from the heart-warming presence of the indwelling Spirit, the inner voice of divine love.