Divine Love The Spiritual Guide To True Insight

The indwelling Spirit of Love is our closest, purest, truest, highest, and realest, guiding light, moral compass, and revelator of spiritual insight; the living truth absolutely exist within and, gently impinges upon one’s mind, as a living endowment, a spirit bestowment, by the Gift of Life, our all-loving Creator; the Divine Spirit, entity-being and companioned God-Self of our present and ultimate becoming, possessing infinite and eternal spiritual prevision, continually enhances cosmic insight, hindsight, foresight, and faith-vision, whose inward spiritual visioneering, divinely directionalizes, stabilizes, spiritualizes and idealizes—to the greatest possible degree, now and evermore—the indwelt individual.

The ever-loving, far-seeing, all-wise, and far-reaching spirit insights of our Divine Indweller, initiates, quickens, and portrays divine love with clarifying interior luminosity, ever-revealing that, when bestowed among others, inspires a superior social wisdom, predicated upon supremely loving others, to the amazing extent of enabling one to envisage, and espouse—with progressively expanding inner-sight—the sister-brotherhood of the universal family of God; this selfsame Divinity, insightfully creates heavenly illuminations, enlightening the soul with spiritual vision, and enhanced perceptions of loving-fellowship, loving-regard, and loving-service, divinely magnifying the high value-lure of the sovereignty of divine truth, cosmic beauty, and spiritual goodness.

The invariably insightful Divine Presence, operating from the realm of our superconscious mind, increases spiritual awareness, higher intuition, soul comprehension, deep understanding, and loving appreciation of the spiritual concepts of supreme reality, divinely sighting the spiritual ascent, that envisions for/with the soul, a revelatory, personal, experiential, divine religion of love, with augmenting recognition-consciousness for the progressive enhancement, and cosmic consciousness of faith facts, supreme meanings, and divine values; our spiritual insight is truly transformative, discerning, and penetrating with the clear-light of spirit-sight, and the truth of the greater right, for the indwelling Spirit, is unequivocally the all-seeing spiritual guide to ever-enlarging divine love, supernal wisdom, and true insight.