The Spiritual Goodness Of Divine Love

The spiritual constitution, and essential quality of divine love is overflowing with the Creator’s perfect, universal, and unfailing goodness; an infinite love that is of the highest moral and ethical values; a love divine that causes us to desire to do good to others, and more abundantly bear the divine fruits of the Spirit: loving service, supreme joy, lasting peace, living faith, forgiving tolerance, merciful ministry, virtuous temperance, unselfish devotion, sincere fairness, courageous loyalty, confiding trust, undying hope, empathetic gentleness, long-suffering, and enlightened honesty.

The eternal and infinite good of divine love stimulates, energizes, and catalyzes increasing goodwill, integrity, respect, rectitude, uprightness, spiritual wholesomeness, purity of heart, loving-kindness, and, a righteousness of spirit that permits the goodness of God’s love to freely flow forth with spiritual warmth, and benevolent affection, instilling a compassionate humanity, tenderhearted understanding, and an honorable generosity of spirit; what’s more, the higher good of the inner Spirit of Love is actively, tirelessly, and selflessly giving love, that we may each altruistically give-offer-share-serve the good, goodwill, and goodness of love, contributory to becoming ever-more Godlike in the process.

The spiritual ministries of the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit, that indwell, and envelope us, work in divine harmony for the victorious and glorious good of one and all; for God being absolute unity, eternal love, and infinitely more, bestows and endows every soul with the grace and spirit of loving-goodness, that accentuates the virtue of doing to others the goodness that is done to us by our all-loving, all-good, all-beautiful Creator, who ever-encourages an aspirationally creative, progressive spirit of magnanimous charity of heart pulsating with the goodness of love, that brings to light the eternal worth of each and every soul; henceforth, by all good-willed means, may we ever-serve our highest good through the spiritual goodness of divine love.