Divine Love For Giving And Spiritual Living

Divine Love is a supremely giving, living love, for it is the Creator’s outpouring love that is at once everywhere present and all-embracing; and, as we more adeptly live love, by creatively and unselfishly giving love, we will bit by bit embody, and personify the all-powerful spiritual force and, compelling truth of God’s all-giving lovingness; presently, as we discover how to wholeheartedly give, devotedly circulate, and selflessly pass on, the beautiful, inspiring, and spiritualizing love of God, we will become ever-more Godlike as a lovely consequence.

Divine love is at the heart of experiential spiritual living, and unconditional giving, therein, it thrives, and stays beautifully alive, with the heavenly vibrancy of the loving grace of God; what’s more, the infinite abundance of divine love continually multiplies as we live the spiritual life ever-exemplifying our beloved Creator, whose endowed Spirit of Love divinely lives and gives love, too, and through each soul—according to capacity and love output—a love divine in heart-and-mind, that increases, intensifies, and invigorates, as we love in kind; hence, in emulating our all-loving Creator, a love synthesis—human and divine—increasingly unfolds, in setting free God’s love into the world, even one person at a time.

The divine characteristic of universal, eternal, and infinite love, prevails, is vitally activated, and flourishes when it is generously bestowed, unreservedly shared, heartily spread, and wholly lived in outflowing truth, when the spiritual life is essentially love-based, in divine relationship with our all-loving Creator—whose living love is unceasingly free-flowing toward all; and, as love oriented spiritual youth, we can certainly begin to give love in greater measure; so fret not, even necessarily starting small, the God-Self within, will reveal unfailingly, the guiding light of spiritual living, enjoining, and ever-inspiring the soul to selflessly give, and purely live a life centered and balanced in divine love.