Walking In Faith With The Spirit Of Love

In consciously walking the walk—while talking the talk—of the spiritual life together in concert with the indwelling Spirit of Love, is to faithfully trek the ordained grand pathway of living truth, determined and directed by the Divine Indweller—our all-beautiful Creator’s loving presence; moreover, scaling the high-way of divine ascension, beginning as we are in our current material existence, is our spiritual mission, and overarching response-ability to God’s supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” thereof, wholehearted faith is the divine requirement, and all-important spiritual key to advance, with divine-speed, in stride with God-as-love.

As we joyously, with mounting love, tread the heavenly path of spiritual faith in augmenting alignment with the inner Love Wonder, and Spirit Teacher of our souls, we’re lovingly ushered into the divine life, ever-maintained by our steadfast faith in the eternal realities, supreme meanings, and divine values of our all-merciful Creator; presently, the spiritual eye of our faith-quickened mind is increasingly illuminated with God-consciousness, by the interior love-ministry of God’s heavenly spirit, who sets us upon the faith voyages of bold-whole-souled adventure on the cosmic seas of ever-enlarging truth, beauty, goodness, love, and, subsequent spiritual and Spirit attainment.

Upon the progressive spiritual course of faith-quickened, consecrated living, we are the spirit-born faith children of eternal ascent, becoming divine in destiny, in perfecting oneness with the inseparable bestowal Spirit of God; and, as we truly learn to divinely love, we partake of the divine nature of our glorious, all-loving Maker in the spiritual guise, and divine companionship of our beloved inner God-Self; thus, with implicit faith we create and cultivate a personal religion of spiritual experience founded on living faith and divine love; accordingly, our dynamic faith conquests actualizes spiritual vitality and righteous fruitfulness, while walking in faith with the indwelling Spirit of Love and Light.