The Spirit Of Love Will Find A Way

“In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible.” “. . . all things work together for good to those who love God.” In this victorious spirit of truth the Divine Indweller of God’s lovesome presence, who ever-works and leads by love, downloads this revelatory teaching into the spiritual heart of one’s divinely loved soul; the Spirit’s selfless ministrations lovingly inspires, supplies spiritual strength/power, and wisely guides with divine farsightedness, those experientially actualizing souls, willing to advance triumphantly, by exercising unconquerable faith, in the challenging face of all difficulties, and inexplicability.

Even amid our mortal resistance—unconscious, or conscious—erroneous thinking, and/or spiritual deficiencies, by our sincere motivations, consistent determinations, and resolute choice-decisions, allows for the indwelling Spirit of Love to act ever-more favorably, effectively, progressively, influentially, and successfully in aligning the soul with the loving plan, perfecting program, and eternal purpose of God; thus facilitating harmonious working agreement, and loving synchronization of self-will with divine-will. Through the imperfections of our evolving spiritual standing, habits of mind, and weaknesses of the flesh, we are assured—through robust faith—to be victors of the Spirit, for we’re truly the mightily loved and safeguarded children of God.

We can wholly trust, with complete faith, in the inevitable triumph/rule of love, above and beyond all uncertainties, problems, and struggles, for in partnership with our indwelling God-Self, with ever-growing faith, we’re each guaranteed eternal salvation, in joyful, and loving service to God, our fellow human beings, and the myriad, far-flung universal family lovingly encountered in our spiritualizing climb; for the Spirit of Love within, will always perfectly find a way to surmount all time-space obstacles, and spiritual hurdles, and safely, surely, and lovingly pilot the divinely embraced soul via the earthly sojourn, upward and inward all through the immensity of the heavenly realms, and onward to the attainment of the living God.