The Nurturing Spirit Of Divine Love

Our Universal Creator Parent is so divinely nurturing and all-powerful in infinite love, that directly and personally, with limitless divine affection, endows each of us with a pure Spirit of supernal love, who exquisitely tends to our spiritual upbringing—Divinity incarnate within oneself as an ever-loving companion, for all eternity, such is the matchless, perfect love of God; this all-embracing loving nurture of the Creator—in individualized, personalized love-ministry, and spirit-form—ever-fosters the spiritualization of the mind, spiritual cultivation of the soul, and the progressive development and unification of one’s personality.

The God of love, being the eternal ancestral parentage, and infinite loving nurturer of everyone, has not neglected one soul in this all-sweeping love bestowal; for the Creator is personally aware and intimately loving of each person—making for a singularly loving exchange of the Divine Indweller and oneself—thus every soul is blessed to have an immediate, most loving, firsthand, sacred connection of inseparable supreme relationship with the inner parental presence of the Divine Spirit, the highest, purest, and greatest love of all; the enlightening God-consciousness, and adoring acknowledgment of our Maker, gives one the comforting feeling of having unbreakable divine support and readily nourishing spiritual communion—a profoundly encouraging guiding love-light for the growing soul, expanding personality, and spiritizing mind.

We are unfailingly, wisely, and lovingly nurtured, integrally, with our progressive cosmic training, and ever-advancing universal education; for our beloved Creator is lovingly nurturing each soul every ascending step in the evolution of one’s spiritual upraising, while taking great loving care to perfectly guide each of us according to our willing acquiesce. Indubitably, are we, the divinely nurtured and limitlessly loved daughters and sons of our Divine Progenitor, who is lovingly raising us to the heights of spiritual adulthood and spirit maturity, even through the ever-nurturing Divine Presence, the indwelling Spirit of Love.