The Changelessness Of Divine Love

Although divine love is ever creative and adaptive, its intrinsic nature is unchanging, for it is the Creator’s love, who is absolutely, perfectly, and eternally changeless; infinite love, being unchangeable and limitless in selfless expression, however, is influenced and impacted by any and all beings who are imperfect bestowers of true love; nevertheless, the purity of the spirit and actuality of God’s love ever remains constant, immutable, and in and of itself, unalterable, therefore, love divine can always be faithfully, and completely depended upon, here and now, and forever.

The unchanging propensity of love divine is unfailing, will never abandon one, nor become selfish in any manner—toward the individual or any aggregate thereof—or sighted for any form of fickleness, intolerance, or unforgivingness, for it is wholly unconditional, altruistic, and selflessly pure of heart, ever-revealing its true source the Universal Divine Heart of infinite love and eternal perfection; the innate spiritual symmetry of divine love includes the highest of universal values, divine meanings, exalted wisdom, living truth, everlasting beauty, and unlimited goodness, in divine integration, singleness of purpose, and all-pervading equilibrium, for God is unity and love, and infinitely more.

The invariable attribute of divine love gives us deep insight into the unchanging personality, inherent nature, and loving character of the living God, the Universal I Am, in/with whom we can unreservedly place our heartiest faith, at once, and forevermore; whose infinite love we can entirely rely upon, utterly know, and, in truth, personally experience, as always present, within, and all around us; a perfect love we can wholeheartedly abide in, fully trust, and love with all our heart, mind, body, and soul, even with our very lives; a love divine, that is with us through all phases of our evolutionary unfoldment, and eternity; for God is the changelessness that is divine love.