The Divine’s Loving Presence Is The Soul’s Essence

Our soul’s essence embodies, and is composed of the love, and loving presence of the Divine Indweller, for the Creator’s indwelling spirit co-creates, with love, the evolving immortal soul; essentially, in blending and merging interrelatedness—joint creation—the soul is being made of, and formed in, the spiritual realities of the Divine’s inner Spirit of Love, that ever-grows as our truest and realest self (God-Self) unfolds, spiritualizes, and matures—in devoted rapport with our Creator’s loving will, we inevitably seal, our gifted future as the immortalizing children of the Eternal One, who is infinite in love.

We’re integrally being spiritually birthed, divinely weaved, and affectionately enwrapped in the celestial and holy fabric of divine love, as spirit babes of the Universal Creator; even though we may at times feel separated from real love, or seemingly lacking thereof, our power of faith, and conjoined Essence-of-Infinity, does reveal, reassure, and reinforce the fact that God’s love is our inseparable truth, ever-bearing augmenting spiritual proof, and, as we keep the faith, we’ll begin to certainly see, and definitely experience, with spiritual vision, and soulful confirmation, that the heart-and-soul of our being is imbued with the Creator’s love.

In the midst of our growing pains, evolutionary challenges, and darkest of moments, be comforted by the Spirit of Truth, in knowing that we will unmistakably find, and wholly embrace the healing divinity and quintessential love actuality of the bestowed Spirit of Love resident within, who is our most loving soul companion, of enlightening truth, illuminating beauty, infinite goodness, and eternal love; no matter our earthly ancestry, or current familial deficiencies, let us uplift our love infused souls in the joy of realizing that we are, without a shadow of a doubt, being made in the spiritual image and likeness of the Divine, whose loving presence is our soul’s very essence.