The Spirit Of Love In Divine Action

Divine love is always in motion, hence the indwelling Spirit is fully activated in the moment-to-moment bestowal of actionable love in and through each soul; concurrently, the omnipresent love of the First Source and Universal Heart Center is unceasingly outpouring upon all beings; if God’s love would halt for one instant, we may surmise, there would be universal pandemonium—even to the finite awakened mind this is inconceivable. The Creator’s love inspires the response of love in the human heart, accordingly, in conjunction with the liberating love of the Divine Presence, we become active channels for loving goodwill to gracefully spread around the world; and, as love divine is enabled to move freely through the soul, one is surely divinely touched and spiritually enhanced.

True love is invariably action oriented, energetically finding creative ways to love others—although gently, it is also capable of tough love; whether demonstrative in thought, word, or deed, spiritual love is unstoppable, forever free-flowing, and, springing true from our hearts, an inexhaustible love-fount bathes the whole of the interior life; thus divine love being inherently outgoing in all its gratification-seeking, essentially exist above and beyond self-capture; what’s more, by the actively, all-embracing nature of divine love we’re granted the enthralling intimacy, and personal spiritual experience of the affectionate divinity of God-as-love.

Divine love is energy intensive, an infinite and eternal activity of the Creator’s all-lovingness, whose love-gravity, and love-force is heart-soul-food for all beings, ever-expanding as we share-serve the Spirit’s love-fruits with one another. Infinite love ever-circulates with divine vitality, for its inspirited vibrations, and pure love-active spirit, is thrillingly dynamic, of compelling spiritual power ever-revealing the Universal Creator’s all-loving heart, and full-on love-initiatives, of everlasting ministry, and relationship, whose love-bestowment is never-ending, ever-adaptive, and bountifully forthcoming, in union with the inner Spirit of Love in divine action.