Rising In Divine Love With The Indwelling Spirit

Assuredly, we’re rising in love with the all-loving, spiritually affectionate, indwelling Spirit of divine companionship—the beautifully enfolding, and gracefully unfolding personal experience of the Creator’s loving attendance, whose infinite love raises one to the higher heights of endearing relationships and warmhearted associations; thereby, in loving union with our ensouled Spirit of God, we’re transported in, and translated by, a spiritual love that excludes none, and embraces everyone; a love that finds us where we are, and takes each soul on an elevating love ascent to where one needs to be, just for the faithful loving of our dearest Universal Progenitor, and, one another.

Together, in increasing and perfecting oneness, our mounting love with the Divine Indweller consistently reveals the loving wonder of our Creator Parent; in truth, our beloved Creator’s infinity of love is eternally progressive, an ever-ascending divine romance of the highest order, a love that makes us more loving as we love in kind; this love arc of the Divine Spirit, moving ever upward and inward, is predestined to safely deliver each soul to the fusing and finalizing embodiment of the Divine Heart; currently, divine love inspires a reaching beyond oneself to a greater love functionality of a fraternally social, selflessly serving, and benevolent sensibility, predicated upon God’s loving will.

This divinely rising, cosmically ascending, spiritually advancing, soul growing, personality expanding, eternal love, uplifts us from the mundane life into the rarified heavenly air of an otherworldly, far-reaching, perpetual love escalation—a continually up-stepping love transformation that climbs ever-Godward, ever-inspiring the love-embraced soul to increasingly love with every pulsing heartbeat, as we each strive to love, ever-more fearlessly, creatively, altruistically, and intelligently, culminating into love’s true devotees, in the ultimate attainment of that high spiritual standard, in divine union with our indwelling Spirit, with whom, we’re rising in love, presently, and forevermore.