The Original Personality Of Infinite Love

We’re all divinely privileged receivers—daughters and sons—of the infinite love of the Universal Creator, who directly implants the Divine Presence within every mortal mind. We have a great deal to be grateful, thankful, and appreciative for, hence, beholden too, for the Original Personality, has given each soul a purely loving, Divine Spirit, of eternal inner ministry, and, endowed all human beings with a non-duplicable, unique personality, having sovereignty of will—empowered to choose everlasting existence—through which, we may personally know, be known, and love each other, and, the very Creator Source and Personality Center of all personalities.

Our Creator Parent knows us intimately, in real time, timelessly, perfectly, and establishes the means to discern, commune, adore, and love God instantaneously, through our lovingly bestowed Divine Indweller, who also connects us straightaway to the Infinite One at the center of all things, enabling moment-to-moment reception, and immediate reciprocity of the divine affection; what’s more, our all-loving, heavenly Creator, goes through all our life experiences with us—sharing in every affliction—lovingly guiding, teaching, and spiritizing as we live, and evolve toward an ever-fuller realization-comprehension of the Primal Personality, the First Person of Deity, the Universal I Am.

The endowment of living faith fosters and facilitates our person-to-Person contact with the Original Personality, who being highly personal, and eternally loving, infinitely shares the greatest love of all, with every single person, equally, and ceaselessly—through the all-inclusive universal personality circuit, and more; let us rejoice that our lovesome, lovable Maker, boundlessly cares, abundantly loves, and unfailingly ministers to us in the eternal now, giving each person-personality prompt access, and spiritual contact with the living truth, divine beauty, eternal goodness, and spirit-personality of God, whose indwelling Spirit, divinely loves, and wisely leads one’s soul-personality, to the personal presence, and Divine Heart of the Original Personality of infinite love.