The Will To Service Kindled By Divine Love

Altruistic loving service to/for others is a paramount feature of the inspiring outward love motive-motion of the indwelling Spirit, with whom, in oneness, we each can set free—without fear of depletion—and readily serve, the dynamically alive, always moving, outflowing propensity of the Eternal Creator’s infinite love; however, divine love diminishes when only selfishly self-contained, and expands when one’s God-Self is permitted to unselfishly bestow such love upon one and all; moreover, we simultaneously love and serve our beloved Creator, when divine love is sincerely shared with one another—the All-for-one, and the One-for-all.

The divinely innate generosity of spiritual love may come up against the deep-rooted selfishness of human resistance, which will ultimately be displaced, co-operatively, by the compelling spiritualizing influences of the indwelling Divine Lover, whose loving nature, flows forth selflessly, increasing as it is extended to each and every person—furthering the outworking of the Creator’s universal will-of-love; this far-reaching, outpouring love of God is conditioned, and conducted by one’s degree of willingness to serve such holy, heavenly love, ever-advancing, inevitably, toward a divinely attuned, perfectly loving character.

The Spirit of Love is a living truth, of extraordinary beauty, and astounding goodwill, finding unique expression through each soul—those not so inclined, the Creator loves no less, that they may be salvaged from a probable demoralizing state of lovelessness—predicated upon, and ignited by the all-giving ministry of spiritual love, that awakens and directs the will-to-serve; we can absolutely trust that the indwelling love Spirit in some proactive way kindles the divine fire of living love to spread forth from the heart—omnidirectionally—perhaps gradually, but definitively. We may be far from the ideal of wholehearted divine loving, yet, as we are, we can begin to embrace the will to service, as we become ever-more love serviceable in/with the torchbearer Spirit of Divine Love.