Divine Speed Accelerated By A Love Supreme

Increasing empowerment in the Holy Spirit, advancing enablement of the spiritualizing activities of the indwelling Spirit of Love, and the quickening divine teachings of the Spirit of Truth, gain momentum as we each spread the love of the Supreme One, who, through coalescence of all who may, brings forth a collective, totaling, and ubiquitous manifestation of the rule of love, on earth, and throughout the finite cosmos of heavenly realms; this ever-present divine love, cohering in, and outpouring through the Universal Mother—God the Supreme—is the Infinite Creator’s living spirit distribution center of limitless love for the grand universe—the mobilizing heart and actualizing oversoul of the entire evolutionary domains.

The spiritual forward movement, intensifying immediacy, and deepening intimacy of the Divine Presence, are divinely propelled by the loving agency, wise auspices, spiritual pursuits, and divine labors of the indwelling Spirit of God—of highly personalized spiritual ministry—is creatively escalated, and wisely expedited, in tandem with the choosing personality’s wholehearted acceptance, and decisive compliance, faithfully sustained, in accord with the cosmic plans, heavenly purposes, and spiritual processes of the inner Spirit of Love’s divine assignment and, glorious scheme of eternal liberation, effecting the loving salvation, and everlasting survival of the soul.

Divine progress, in conjunction with infinite love, living truth, divine beauty, and eternal goodness, are the advancing, universal guiding values, righteous meanings, and spiritual realities of the Almighty Supreme, accelerated by a divine love that affectionately holds the entire cosmos of evolutionary beings within the encircling loving spiritual arms, and divine heart of Mother Supreme; thus, we’re all divinely obligated to contribute to the escalating circulation of a love Supreme, here, there, and everywhere; hence, ever-reflecting the ever-growing, catalyzing, synthesizing, consolidation of the grand whole of the cosmic family, centered, stabilized, and, actuating in, of, by, with, and through the all-loving Supreme Being.