Ascend Into Oneness With The Spirit Of Love

Our ever-constant, superbly devoted, loyal companion, of the highest, purest divinity—an actual part of God—the indwelling Spirit of Love, is always with us, introducing, proposing, and establishing the progressive spiritizing ascent into life everlasting, while planning, preparing, and piloting the assenting soul, toward an eternal career of spiritual perfection, intellectual achievement, and the definite chief aim of personally attaining the living God; these momentous wonders of the Spirit are secured through love, and, whole-souled faith—the key requirements for our ascension plan to initially go into full effect.

The all-loving, all-beautiful, all-wise Divine Spirit dwelling within us, will not abandon, nor in any way forsake one to fend the battles of life alone, for our exalted God-Self, being the living presence of our beloved Creator, is ever-forgiving—even before we ask—divinely patient, and perfectly consecrated to the all-encompassing task of the soul’s rectification, sanctification, spiritualization, and actualization of the loving will of God; consequently, as the Creator’s spirit-born daughters and sons, we bear the eternalizing gifts of God—personality, faith, spirit-soul, and the spiritual capacity to be made anew in the divine image of the Universal I Am-as-love.

We’re all divinely, personally, and lovingly offered the extraordinary opportunity, singular promise, and divine privilege of ascending into spiritual oneness, unified and embraced in perpetuity, in the spiritual similitude of, and by, the God of love; for the endowed gift of Spirit makes possible an unending life of eternal union, assuring that we, in time, most certainly will finally prevail; our heavenly ascension begins now, as the Spirit rehearses us for the amazing spiritualizing ascent forthcoming, whereby, we will eventually attain permanence of spirit, eternal fusion, forever integrated, merged, and amalgamated with the all-embracing, all-loving Infinite One, who has made our ascending oneness possible—for what God has joined together no one can tear asunder.