The Warm Loving Presence Of Divinity

Our world is a vital, organic, familial part of a friendly, benevolent, caring universe, originating from, surrounded by, and invested with, the warm loving presence of Divinity—although it may seem otherwise; thereby, we’re highly blessed with the perfectly unified spirits of loving ministry: the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and our beloved angelic personal guardians of destiny; in truth, we all have life and being in God’s all-inclusive infinite and eternal love-swell, spiritually drawing everyone—who heartily and wholly consent—to the spirit-bosom of the Universal Divine Heart.

As we earnestly aspire to single-mindedly place our faith in the invisible realities and living truths of the all-loving spirits enveloping and indwelling us, the loving warmth of the Divine will become ever more real, perceptible, substantial, and experiential. The gradually actualizing, complete rule of love, at present, is potentially operative in everyone’s heart, and, by our God-given sovereignty of freewill choice, we have the liberating option of making this all-loving spirit presence of Divinity more tangible to ourselves and the world at large. The love of God is here to stay, therefore, be assured, no one, nor condition, can prevent the eventual planetary reign of love from fully materializing.

Thus, at any given moment, we can soften the harsh experiences of life with the welcoming, comforting, healing, and heart-warming spiritual companionship of Divinity, who encircles and endows us with infinite and eternal love, thoroughly contributing to our spiritual well-being, mental serenity, and soul peace—in spite of the current state of local and global relations. The loving personality and affectionate presence of God is undeniable and forthcoming to the faith-quickened soul, and will inevitably become a worldwide phenomenon, wherein, all God’s earthly and spirit-born children, shall forever be warmed, even now, by our eternally warmhearted, infinitely loving, heavenly Creator’s endearing ministrations of loving divinity.