The Spirit Of Love Inwardly Delights In Us

Our inseparable, most beautiful inner companion, the Spirit of Love, takes supreme delight in abundantly, and unreservedly loving each indwelt human being; it is written: true love is the desire to do good too, and for others, and this is the very nature of God, whose loving spirit, infinitely and eternally, loves absolutely; unremittingly, imparting a love that gives as much as it can be received, and more, as we also freely give this divine love to our earthbound sisters and brothers; thereby, amplifying love in the soul, as it advances through the heart, by means of the mind and, via the personality—ever bringing us closer to the loving ways and spiritual likeness of the Universal Divine Heart.

True happiness, unparalleled joy, sheer enchantment, and heavenly bliss, will only increase, ever-gladdening the heart, as we mature in the generous and creative giving—to one and all—of this peaceful love, proceeding from the love-filled delight of our indwelling God-Self; this ideal, implicit, infinite love, enables us to inwardly, wholly enjoy the endearing spiritual charm, divine affection, and sublimely beautiful delightfulness of our beloved Creator, presently, and actively loving us; there is no joy like the joy of experiencing firsthand the all-embracing love of our intimately transcendent Creator.

This great, incomparable, and uncontainable loving joy of the Divine Spirit, in personally, and devotedly, loving every person, experiences the highest degree of divine pleasure bestowing love in loving ministry upon each soul—especially as we learn to cherish, adore, and truly love each other and, our Creator in return; and, as we reciprocate the Creator’s love by communing acknowledgment, loving reverence, glorifying worship, soulful veneration, thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciative sharing of the inner-life with our Creator’s spirit presence, we’ll add love-joy to our personal spiritual experience of God’s loving delight in-through-with us, forthwith, and for always.