Divine Love, A State Of Being

We are presently conditioned, spiritually, soulfully, and mentally, to be Godlike spiritual lovers, to love divinely, unconditionally, resulting in a magnificent mode of being that is love dominant—inevitably becoming second nature; and, as we permit divine love to shape our unfolding reality of spiritualizing personhood, we will assuredly become more like the Universal-Eternal-Infinite-Heart, whose Spirit of Love blessedly resides within, ennobling, glorifying, and immortalizing one’s spirit-conjoined inner-life; certainly, as we keep our hearts and minds filled and flowing with the Creator’s love, we’ll delightfully enter a wondrous, harmonizing, spiritualizing, and abiding state of righteous lovingness.

Our current developmental spiritual status of progressive growth and, increasing divine and combined, love-flow with the indwelling Spirit, is now in gradual formation; and, as we get ever-closer, coming to truly know, and love more deeply our all-loving, all-beautiful, and all-wise Creator—through inner spiritual communion (prayer, meditation, worship), loving regard, and endearing service for one another—we’ll be ever-metamorphosing into the spirit likeness of the Eternal One; for we are indelibly transforming into an immortal standing of ever-ascending higher existence, wherein, we are being spiritually made in the divine image of our Creator-Maker, and Spirit-Parent.

Ultimately, in becoming permanently fused in spiritual perfection with our inner Spirit of limitless love, we will eternalize our stature of beinghood, becoming thoroughly love divinized in the process; and, forevermore will our evolving stages of being be spiritually structured with a divine constitution of budding and blossoming spiritual attributes, perennially ensconced in infinite love; even now, as we are, through the power of faith-choice, we readily have the means to foster and solidify our order of selfhood to that high attainment, wherein our character, personality, and soul standing shall be endowed with an enduring state of being that is centered forevermore in the truth, beauty, and goodness of the infinity of God’s love.