The Universality And Eternity Of Infinite Love

The First Source and Absolute Center of eternal love infinitely, and invariably overshadows, imbues, contains, and sustains all beings, now, and forevermore; hence there is no eluding the all-encompassing, virtually irresistible, universality of infinite love; as such, there is no outside of it, for the perfect love of the Universal I Am is all-pervasive, immutably transfusing all creation with a spiritual love that is the omnipresent revelation and, in-your-heart personalization of the holy love of the First Person of Deity; divine love, being everywhere accessible, and experiential, reveals: the more true love is freely given, the more pure love is available for love-filled living—loving service, all relationships, associations, and humanity as a whole.

Our all-loving infinite Creator is universally, and affectionately all-embracing of every soul through the great circuit of divine love; what’s more, this divinely personal, absolute love of God, being all-inclusive, personalizes loving relations with each personality bestowal—we’re endowed as such, directly from the Original Personality of love; even a perfect portion of the eternal Creator’s love nature—the indwelling Spirit of Love—is entrusted, and gifted to lovingly live in the heart and soul of every human being, henceforth fostering, God-realization, immortal spirit-soul-integration, and eternal fusion—everlasting oneness.

The Eternal One—whose personal attitude, and perfect acts are always and forever love dominant—infinitely, eternally, uniformly, and personally loves every person; moreover, the loving nature of God is not secondary to any of the Creator’s infinite attributes; therefore, all who dwell in true love, dwells in God; thus, divine love identifies the actual presence, and lovable companionship of God; furthermore, the ubiquitous threefold Trinity bestowment of universal love, eternal mercy, and infinite ministry, supremely maintains, that our nearest and dearest approach to the Divine Spirit is by and through love, for God is, and always will be love, universally, eternally, and infinitely.