Divine Love Inspirer Of Selfless Acts

We are exceedingly blessed to have living in and acting through/with us, the most purely unselfish spiritual reality known in the universe, and, that is none other than the indwelling Spirit of Love—an actual spirit-fragment of the living God; therefore, no matter how much we struggle with self-centeredness, this bona fide altruistic spirit ever urges, nudges, prompts, guides, and directs us to adopt the more divine propensity of acting instead, from our Spirit’s ensouled love-hub—God within—and thereof, experience the augmenting exhilaration and delight of an ever-increasing people-consciousness.

To gently, firmly, and persistently liberate one’s personality from the limitations of self-love, and fully embrace the interior Spirit’s unstinting, all-wise, all-inclusive, affectionate caring, and devoted sharing of a selfless love, indelibly influences one to act as God would; for the Divine Spirit in collaborative inner-action, when unhindered, and generously bestowed upon one another, we become decidedly, mutually touched with Godliness in the process; for all this personalizing spiritual ministry is intimately a part of our Creator’s divinely sanctioned, and shared, evolutionary plan of participatory, experiential, perfecting love-actions, divinely prescribed for each and every soul.

This unselfish characteristic of the indwelling Spirit of Love—the God-Self—inspires one toward deeds of amazing and astounding love acts of selfless devotion, loving service, and self-sacrificing support; for to creatively strive to give to the needs of others, is truly divine and, God-inspired; furthermore, to allow oneself to be uplifted into the heavenly air of supreme joy, by following the divine lead of the loving selflessness of the inner Spirit, by taking love initiatives to its spiritual heights, in fraternal service, and loving relations, is to divinely act in accordance with our Creator’s all-lovingness; and, by acting in this self-giving manner, we will most certainly, become ever-more activated, animated, and actionable in the selfless loving ways of God-as-love.


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