Divine Love Stimulates Greatheartedness

Divine and spiritual love gives eternal rise and outlet—in and through the responsive heart—of the virtuous, altruistic divine fruits of the spirit—of the indwelling Spirit of Love—causing an openhearted, unselfishness to surface, and come to socializing light; for the love-liberated, love-saturated individual is steeped in lovingkindness, and, galvanized to positively bring forth, and benevolently express the spiritualizing spirit-essence, of the all-loving God-presence, who continuously imparts to one and all, a graciousness of personality, a charitableness of mind, and a bigheartedness of soul; therefore, it rest upon each of us, to carry this budding greatheartedness to full-fledged realization upon the world stage of interrelations.

Infinite and universal love unceasingly stimulates, divinely energizes, and spiritually animates a liberality and generosity of spirit that beautifully inspires loving attitudes, and winning performances of compassionate humanitarianism, beneficent neighborliness, bountiful goodwill, and loving service, that superlatively gives the highest consideration and, the greatest respect of an idealistic love, to each and every person, now, and for all time to come; thus, divine love can open wide the stupendous spiritual capacities of the heart, and, conjointly and gently release, the endowed divine grace, and spiritual glory of the inner Spirit of God’s love, and nature.

Eternal and agape love, in its exalting freeness of unconditional loving, magnanimously proclaims, and divinely produces a profoundly high-spirited, truly serviceable, genuinely hospitable, creative warmheartedness; thereby, stimulating the willingness and courageousness to offer up the small-self, in favor of the sweet divine flavor of the indwelling God-Self of limitless spiritual wealth, and everlasting health; for divine love is a mighty stimulus toward a wholehearted, worldwide, spiritual awakening of greatheartedness, ever-revealing the infinitely volitional, personal will, and divine character of our all-loving Creator, the Universal First Person of Love, emanating from one’s eternalizing heart-soul-space, in which, God’s operating center of love is situated and based.


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