The Spiritualizing Activities Of The Spirit Of Love

Presently, there are essential spiritualizing activities occurring, mostly unknown, in the upper mind zone—the superconscious realm; this divine enterprise, of our lovable God-Self, optimally and necessarily, advances as a collaborative endeavor, for the indwelling Spirit of Love seeks our freewill, sincere, experiential, united, and loving participation; how enthralling it is, to be granted spirit-sight—faith-vision—to assist the tireless inner Spirit of God, to more effectively enact those spiritual initiatives centered in creative love, living truth, and far-seeing wisdom, ultimately, to effect the entire transformation of one’s divinizing being in eternal union.

We needn’t search beyond our very own beloved, divinely affable, inseparable companion and, most loving bosom spirit-friend—the uniquely individualized spirit-gift of the Universal Creator—to tap in, and flow-forth our highest good, purest love, greatest truth, and sublimest beauty; our Creator, through profuse, munificent, unceasing love, and promising reassurance, inspires us to faith forward, to a future life of joyful service, spiritual perfection, and spirit attainment; hence, all this awe-inspiring divine activity happening within us, tunes us to the divine key of the leading of the Spirit; therefore, by reciprocating spirit-personality osmosis, we are destined to become more God-knowing, Godlike, and Godly.

We are indeed capable, to wholly adopt and convey, the ongoing spiritualization of thought and feeling—inclusive of purification from unspiritual emotions—to fully embrace the enlightening, divine shaping of mind, spiritizing of soul, and enlargement of personality; all progressively eternalized, by submitting to the spiritually activating and divinely actuating, program, plan, and assignment of alignment with our inner Spirit, now, and forevermore; consequently, there will never come to an end, the living revelation of the glorious personality, divine nature, and infinite attributes of the eternal God of love, who has magnificently begun the spiritualizing activities of an eternity, by way of the bestowed indwelling Spirit of Love.


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