The Soul’s Accord With The Inmost Spirit Of Love

There is a dynamic, one of a kind, potentially eternal, loving, spiritualizing relationship of the highest order, ensuing—in co-operation—between one’s developing soul and the indwelling Spirit of Love; this spiritual partnership of everlasting import, is weaved of the mind’s faithful determinations—having spiritual value—in harmonious, and loving accord with one’s inner Spirit; whose divine, spiritual interrelation begets the enduring reality of the embryonic soul, upon the initial moral decision of the choosing child personality of moral discernment.

The Spirit of God within, seeks the undivided loving embrace of one’s growing soul, and spiritizing personality—of singular identity—in everlasting fusion; our bestowed gift of pure spirit-essence—the indwelling Spirit—comes to us direct from the all-loving heart of God; assuring an endless life of spiritual progress, intellectual development, and increasing Godliness, that we may become superbly proficient in the ways of the spirit—spiritually perfected—in preparation, one day in eternity, to at long last, attain the very presence of God, face-to-face, as it were, with our all-beautiful Maker, the Original Personality of love.

We, the children of God, are lovingly and wisely guided to be in full-accord, as one, in loving relations with our inner Spirit-Self; and, in wholehearted response, and according to the universal invitation-command sent forth from the Infinite One: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect;” this phenomenal God-given love-gift from our spirit-parent, provides us with all things necessary for our spiritual education, soul training, mind progression, and overall wherewithal to consummate, inevitably, the spiritual perfection of personality, purpose, and divinity attainment; the supreme joy of living, surviving, and thriving, through our spiritual becoming, is in truth, what our Creator desires, and what the soul requires, to be in everlasting accord with the God of love, who accomplishes this, through the ministry of the inmost Spirit of Love.


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