The Moral And Ethical Obligations Of Divine Love

Divine love is predicated upon a universally moral and cosmically ethical foundation of personal upright conduct, and, righteous principles of societal deportment, that establishes a guiding, functional, spiritual rectitude for the collective body of humanity, stimulative, and demonstrative of a spiritualizing moral culture of progressive spiritual values and divine meanings, centered in, and fashioned after the perfect righteousness of the incorruptible nature of the Eternal One of infinite love, who loves every person exclusively, equally, and eternally. May we be morally courageous, and ethically fearless in advancing the spiritual upstanding love-charge of our higher inner God-Self.

According to the divinity-way of personalized being and socialized becoming, there’s always the right manner of doing things; thus, virtuous truth, and divine goodness effectually performs, as divine love unselfishly informs, the ethical and moral code of innumerable beings, assuring, and maintaining, the smooth running of an immense universe of universes of diversified orders of personalities, living in familial unity, whose God-head and Divine-heart is the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite Parent of all creation, in whom, all souls have life, and are lovingly directed to espouse the progressive evolutionary process of spiritual mastery, attainment of Godlikeness, and, God-finding.

We’re each beholden, and duty-bound to uphold the integrity of a universal moral and ethical imperative, in which individual accountability, makes one obliged to confer the greatest respect, understanding, compassion, and love upon others; the sacred practice of the golden rule—doing to others what you would have them do to you—now progresses to a higher level of applied love, doing so, as we think-feel-know God would; therefore, divine love is not without its growing demands of moral and ethical obligations, toward all beings, for such is the eternally righteous, loving spirit, and limitless goodness of God operating within us, and in our very midst, through an infinity of love.


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