The Inextinguishable Light Of Infinite Love

Divine Love makes one super-bright with living-light, conferring spirit-soul-sight, and illuminating the awakened heart who yields to the indwelling Spirit’s ascending course of spirit-personality flight, all through the mortal night, and into the morning of spiritual glory, en route to the highest height, to finally enter, the paradisiacal shores of the Eternal Isle of Light and Life, and receive the everlasting embrace of the First Source and Universal Love Center; by following God’s unfailing light of infinite love, and wholly unite, with our all-loving inner Spirit—who divinely reinforces our faith-hold and ever-increasing spiritual might—we will always be lovingly led by the divine spirits of the true, the good, and the right.

As we soulfully cite, the spiritually warming invite, of the imperishable interior-light, of our glorious Creator, who loves us outright, whose innermost-presence is so strikingly lovely and divinely polite, who creates that all-consuming spiritual appetite, while inpouring, for outpouring, pure love, that’s such a supernal delight; rejoice, in the assurances of utter deliverance from any and every challenging plight, beyond all fear and fright; what’s more, as receiver-givers of universal love and eternal light, we may heartily ignite, the Creator’s loving will, with ever-greater skill, perfecting intuitive feel, and, an ever-inspiring, irrepressible love-light that we can wisely, creatively, patiently, altruistically, and lovingly expedite.

Enfolded affectionately in the spiritual light of infinite love, that will never go dark; enlightened, brightened, and divinely lit with an uncontainable divine spark, we can now reverently hark, to the progressive internal revelations of our inseparable love-perfect Divine Spirit, and fully embark, upon the spiritualizing and immortalizing inward and upward arc, of an inextinguishable universally diffused light, leaving its indelible spiritual mark, upon one’s spiritualizing soul, in pursuit of the eternal goal, of God-realization, God-knowing, and God-serving, with the liberating, transforming, and empowering faith-insight, of infinite love’s indestructible light.


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