The Being And Doing Of The Spirit Of Love

The secret of our potential eternal personhood, resides within us, as the all-beautiful, living truth, pure energy, and infinite goodness of the Creator’s heavenly presence and individualized divine gift, the Spirit of Love, our realest self and truest beingness, whose invaluable soul-saving spiritual acts, and creative love doings, requires our divinely coupled, altruistic love expressions be extended outward, in augmenting oneness, willing co-operation, working accord, and progressive harmonization with our mind domiciled God-Spirit.

As we learn to sincerely, and wholeheartedly be in and of the spirit, while becoming ever-proficient in consistently carrying out the blended spiritual ministry of the indwelling Spirit of Love, the teachings of the Spirit of Truth, with the added guidance of the Holy Spirit, upon the world stage of ethical relationships and moral associations; henceforth, in the compassionate spirit and spiritizing exemplification of our beloved Creator, spiritually, unselfishly, and with lovingkindness, we will, by divine grace, steadily evolve in Godlikeness, and thus essentially, collectively contribute to the universal factualization of an Almighty Love Supreme.

We have the divine privilege—now and forevermore—of being as our innermost companioned Spirit of Love is—in nature and nurture—by fostering a spirit-born character activated and conditioned by pure love, in living a life of divine truth, grounded in wisdom, by exemplifying the qualities of spiritual beauty, and selflessly serving each other through the eternal good and infinite love of God; moreover, furthering our spiritual being and becoming, by freely and joyfully doing the loving personal will of our Creator, in all relations—friends, and foes—with a righteous execution of loving deeds, envisioned and formulated in one’s divinizing mind, and immortalizing soul, and, achieved through the spirit-directed actions of the body, all unified by one’s spiritualizing personality, purposed and led by the timeless being and eternalizing doings of our inner Spirit of Love.