The Dominance Of Good In A Universe Of Love

The all-embracing universal dominance of divine goodness is an integral part of the personality and nature of God who is love, and though not an entirely prevalent attitude, tendency, or effort of the people of the world, nor reigning supreme in every individual heart, nevertheless, it certainly prevails throughout the universe of universes; and, in the fullness of time, the morally correct, ethical way of goodness—according to the personal will-of-love of our adored Creator—good, and goodwill, will be, in every way, the order of the day, the divine design for all humankind.

We can always, with abiding faith-trust, wholly depend on the omnipresent loving goodness of God, as the all-encompassing, reassuring spiritual atmosphere, and all-pervasive reality-presence of the Infinite One; this all-reaching divinity of goodness, is characteristic, and expressive of the well-nigh countless personalities of love of a vast cosmos, who truly act in the spirit of an ethical code of righteousness, high virtues, exalted meanings, and spiritual ideals, intrinsic to the true nature and creative workings of universal love, and the ever-adaptable living truth, whose spiritual symmetry is exquisitely poised with divine goodness, ever-revealing great spiritual beauty.

With absolute surety, can we depend upon the truth that, “all things work together for good to those who love God,” as a verity of existence, the very ground of being, whose everlasting foundation is the Eternal One of infinite love, limitless goodness, and unparalleled beauty, in whom we live, and who lives in us. In the sometime uncertain moments, we can, with faith-vision, hold fast upon the inspiring actuality of God’s eternal goodness emerging in the hearts of humanity; bathed in the outpoured Spirit of Truth, embosomed in the Holy Spirit, and indwelt by the Spirit of Love, we can be confident of living in a universe dominant in goodness and infinite in love.