The Energetics Of Divine Love

Divine love is energetically dynamic, fully alive, possessing the eternal and infinite spiritedness of our all-loving Creator, whose loving spirit lives in, and loves through us; what’s more, this indwelling Spirit—our ever-present God-Self—is a wholly giving, actively free-flowing phenomenon, fostering the outgoing liveliness of true love, which seeks to be liberated through one’s love activated soul; this living love energizes the whole person—if not hindered by resistance, which can drain the energies—thus, true love is ever supplementing, enhancing, and increasing one’s endowed core-life-energy.

Our Creator’s regenerative and reassuring love is indeed endlessly lively with righteous goodness, positively life-giving with exhilarating joy, ebulliently uplifting with divine beauty, and spiritually inspirational with re-energizing and enlivening truth; this refreshing breath of living spirit-love is vitally stimulating, and wondrously animates the spiritual imagination, awakening higher levels of enlightened creativity and loving verve. Divinely centered within the depths of our heart-mind there pulsates the pure boundless love energy of the indwelling God-Spirit, seeking to pass through the personality unencumbered, for generous bestowal upon others; and, as divine love freely moves too and through us, we come alive with new life, even the gift of life everlasting.

Infinite and eternal love—it can at times be felt as a inner warming, and/or enveloping loving divine presence—readily moves in and through one’s personhood in growing, progressive, and perfecting oneness with the leading love-flow of the inspiriting and spiritualizing activities of the indwelling Spirit of Love; if we are sincerely spirit-minded and spiritually-hearted to faithfully combine and intelligently harmonize human and divine energies with love acts, loving attitudes, and lovely behaviors, we can certainly facilitate and eventually stabilize the vital energetics of divine love with increasing efficiency, spirited wholesomeness, and vibrant grace, whose energizing truth experientially reveals the electrifying, dynamic, and compelling power of God’s love.


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