The Triumph Of Love Divine

May we spiritually campaign—through loving service, and loveful relating—from heart-to-heart, with undying faith, for the inexorable ascendency of divine love, whose inevitable victory is at hand; for irrespective of how much this planet is selfishly mismanaged—it is revealed—our precious world will one day be divinely ruled with infinite love, and, the everlasting establishment of the Universal Creator’s sovereign will-of-love; even now, love-embraced souls can count themselves triumphant, for every person who chooses the way of spiritual love, life, and light functions increasingly in harmonious alignment with the indwelling Spirit of Love, and, the supreme values, and divine ethics of a universe.

May we, in truth, divinely love, undeterred by the prevalence of temporary lovelessness, and sustain the good fight of universal love, assured of its eventual triumph, knowing that, armed with faith and spiritual power, regardless of time, victory is inescapable, and will gloriously prevail; for in and through the Creator’s love we are all family, sons and daughters of the Father-Motherhood of God, eternally secured in a love dominant universe; surely, our Creator’s all-conquering love, and all-wise divine plan shall not fail; therefore, as we side with divine love, we abide in the eternal truth of a universally winning goodness.

Let us utterly rejoice in the epoch-making revelation, that, in evolutionary time, the loving will of God is destined to reign supreme throughout this very world, for eternal love, spiritual beauty, infinite goodness, and living truth is truly unvanquishable, and will, undoubtedly, forever overcome any and all things, and, rest assured, all that is not of true love will surely pass away; may we forward on—by all loving means—the highest-vision of love’s heavenly dominance with unshakable faith, while holding one another in the healing light of love, ever-knowing full well, that the triumph of love divine is unavoidable.