The Creative And Transforming Spirit Of Love

The unceasing creative works and divine labors of the all-wise spirit of the Creator’s indwelling divine presence, is ever done in our behalf by and through infinite love; and, if open-heartedly received, shared, and lived, will absolutely have a transforming effect upon one’s total being, temporally and eternally—collectively, bringing about the spiritual, moral-ethical transformation of humankind; this personalized Godly touch—and planetary embrace—of spiritual love is a powerful change-agent, that will surely elevate and transport us to higher levels of God-knowingness, spirit-comprehension, and spiritual understanding.

The Creator’s love, given from the heart of the soul-spirit union of the inner God-Self, will profoundly ignite one’s creative and spiritual imagination to delve ever-deeper into the extraordinary spiritual possibilities brought to inner-view—according to our acuity of faith-vision—effectively inspiring those enlightened choices that will certainly have life changing results, now, and forevermore; this perfect love is what every normal-minded person seeks—consciously or unconsciously—and in the fullness of time, on this very world and beyond, we shall insightfully look through transmuted eyes, and truly feel from a transfigured heart, the apparent transformation of our advancing, spiritualizing being.

The evolutionary process of personal and progressive metamorphosis, is given a mighty spiritual boost by the loving actions, righteous acts, and affectionate devotions of the Divine Spirit, spiritually wedded to one’s heart-and-soul; and, if we’re intelligently patient and wisely diligent, we will in truth, bear the fruits of the Spirit abundantly, with increased fruitfulness of loving and joyous creative service, jointly done with the gracious spirit and divine goodness of our tireless God-Self; the eyes anew, will luminously sparkle, the soul afresh, will radiantly exude, and the organizing personality will lovingly behold for oneself, and the substantiation of others, the validity of the truth of the creative and transforming power of the upstanding and indwelling Spirit of Love.