The World Ministry Of Divine Love

There’s a unified spiritual ministry of the lovingly bestowed Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of Love, advancing planetary and evolutionary spiritual progression—inclusive of the whole human family, in close and loving relations with our celestial ministers—seeking to teach truth, spiritually enlighten, and, inspire all souls to achieve their spiritual heights through the mastery of the Spirit; at this very moment there’s a worldwide leading of humanity toward the spirit-perception of the spiritual presence of the Universal Creator, enabling everyone who may, to personally experience the faith-fact of daughter-sonship with God.

A spiritual world ministry is presently upon us, making known the planetary and personal goal of a divine destiny; through the sanctification and spiritualization of the inner-life of each soul, higher planes of spiritual living, enhanced faith, enriched loving service, and the sublime reaching of divine heights is materializing; infinite love, eternal goodness, and divine truth is being spread abroad in all hearts by the Creator’s all-pervading ministering spirit-presence, stimulating a faith-hope that transcends all fear; thus, having started out on the way of life everlasting, we may, with certainty, partake in the immeasurable blessings of spirit-identification, and seize the universal opportunity to ultimately attain the loving Person of God.

Let us rejoice in the realization that the world is enveloped by multiple spiritual energies, forces, influences, and spirit-ministrations of loving grace, living truth, and divine goodness, acting in oneness with the personalized high spiritual urges of the indwelling God-Spirit, and the overministry of a love Supreme—we’re all affectionately embraced by the Universal Heart Source and Center of infinite love—and, in alliance with our loving spirit-ministers, we become vital contributors to the presently unifying spirit-ministries that are lovingly actualizing, and wisely fostering divine realities embodying spiritual ideals, for the betterment, spiritualization, transformation, peace, and love of all the world.