The Spiritual Vanguard Of Divine Love

There’s an unceasing progressive leading of the Infinite One’s spirit of love, at work forging the spiritual advancement of our evolving planet toward a newer, better day of higher ideals, greater morals-ethics, and superior values-meanings, presently enlightening the hearts and minds of humanity upon the revelatory cutting-edge of the truth that is, and is to be, promulgated by the all-wise mandates and living love of our beloved Creator; a divine program and spiritual plan directing us to the vanguard of light, life, and love is now being spiritually written upon the hearts of all humankind.

Inspired emissaries, spiritual torchbearers and teachers, consecrated ministers, God-knowing leaders, and fearless devotees of divine truth, supernal beauty, eternal goodness and infinite love are gathering worldwide to pioneer a more spiritualized and civilized planetary reality, spearheading a spiritual furtherance of all earthly and divine relationships; there’s a dawning of a new order of spiritual living and divine governance upon us, enlarging the God-consciousness of the world, influencing, galvanizing, and encouraging every man, woman, and child toward the establishment and mastery of a spiritual character rooted in the righteousness of divine love.

There are faithful spiritual forerunners advancing the unprecedented creative unfoldment of the Creator’s divine design for our world; an innovative new wave of love animated souls, inspired by the Spirit of Love dwelling in the human heart, is currently ushering in exalting, ennobling, virtuous, and groundbreaking spiritual levels of human and divine relations, anchored in the perfect love of our Creator—whose spirit-presence lives amongst and within us—heralding the supreme and living signs of divine surety, escalating a global movement toward the ascending spiritual heights of divine citizenship, the sanctity of loving service, and, increasing Godlikeness; be assured, a spiritual vanguard is now afoot throughout the world whose harbinger is the everywhere-present Spirit of Love and Truth.


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