Divine Love Is Spiritually Rehabilitating

How spiritually refreshing to experience the deeply soothing, and profoundly healing spiritual balm of the affectionately touching, inner-presence of the all-loving Creator’s indwelling Spirit; even the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, inwardly enveloping all people, is working in oneness with the Spirit of Love, providing an health-giving love-tonic, heartfelt solace, spiritual rejuvenation, and merciful forgiveness, to replenish, revitalize, and reenergize, according to the individual requirements of every soul; no matter what the problematic addiction, the spiritual agencies of divine love, wisdom, and truth, definitively have a neutralizing, rehabilitating, counteracting effect on the receptive soul.

The Spirit of Love maintains an inner-sanctuary of ongoing spiritual regeneration, constantly reinvigorating one’s being, restoring the broken hearted, lost souls, and the spiritually, mentally, and physically afflicted; all people—even by their faith—have inherently, phenomenal healing reserves within; and, bound up in the vast potentials of the personality, in concert with the Divine Spirit, there is to be found the mind renewing, soulfully therapeutic, and curative qualities of divine love, presently, in sanctifying operation throughout the heart-stream of humanity; and thereby, all souls are called to be love-conduits to intensify the magnitude of the healing power of true love everywhere in the world.

The leadings of the inner Spirit of Love is course corrective, ever-guiding the amenable soul away from the self-destructive forces of any and all negativity; thankfully, there is no adversity of lasting permanence that may infringe upon the soul of which infinite love cannot redeem, recuperate, revive, and readapt the faith-trusting person to a transformative sense of wholeness, for all people are empowered—by the gift of freewill choice—to stave off each and every influence that goes against the forces of good, for such abiding goodness is indicative of the Creator’s ever-loving presence, rectifying, rehabilitating, and spiritualizing all responsive souls through the divine auspices of pure love.


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