The Unselfish Urge To Divinely Love

The indwelling Spirit of Love is without a doubt the inexhaustible fount of that unselfish love urge lightly springing up from within, at times bypassing the inclination of one’s mind toward self-centered, preferential, and conditional loving; the more selfless love-expression continually upwelling in the spiritualizing heart to truly and divinely love, indicates the eternally benevolent nature and, infinitely generous character of the Creator’s spirit-presence actively percolating in the soul, and constantly seeking to surface and clothe one’s whole being and all people in the spirit-light of true love; and, as we become more spiritedly sparked and thoroughly imbued by agape love the fraternal sister-brotherhood of humanity is absolutely forthcoming.

The spirit nudging and divine prompting ongoing within oneself may sometimes emerge spontaneously and unconsciously, however, we can intentionally and purposely cultivate, integrate, and sustain with spiritual deliberation a freewill hands-on approach, extending and reciprocating real love to others, and our Creator, whose divine inner-attendance, selflessly spurs us on to the progressively spiritual, even personal religious experience of divinely and altruistically loving as an act of harmonizing union with our Creator, whose infinite love is ever-flowing and bursting to be liberated from the instrumentality of one’s love-awakened heart.

There is a soul-activating internal love stimulus that is the veritable pulsation of the Creator’s spirit that lives and loves from within us, whose sincere embracement and genuine manifestation requires we love in kind, to become ever-more divine, and, as we come to discern its sublime, gentle, frequently subtle spiritizing sign, by the course of its delicately powerful rising in our love sparked mind, by allowing this spiritual love right of way to do and say, according to the righteousness of divine love’s guiding play, we may, likewise, come to fully love as naturally as night turns to day, and thus unselfishly spiritually portray, our inner-Spirit’s ever-urging divinely loving sway.


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