Divine Love Is Positively Contagious

Divine love is highly transmissible, its unceasing circulation through the variegated emotional heart-stream of humanity is spreading by contagion of contact with love fragrant souls; those spirit-lit minds who consciously exist in, live for, and breathe the life of true love, reside ever-more closely with the God of love, of whom, we all dwell in, and who lives in us, whose ubiquitous love is always in motion to reach and touch every soul, for the dynamism of pure love requires it be continually released to be increased—ultimately precipitating into a worldwide epidemic of activated-living-love.

Because we literally live and love, actually move and progress, and veritably have our being in God the Beloved, we have in-heart, an outwardly free-flowing, gracefully fluidic, divinely communicable, uncontainable dynamical love that is spiritually infectious; this purifying love, that heals as it reveals, when lovingly administered, is a spiritual antidote for all maladies of the heart and soul, and, inspires the deepest, truest, and most touching affection, sincere understanding, and forgiving compassion for our fellow human beings, exemplary of our all-loving Creator, who, with infinite love immunizes and saves the soul from extinction.

This ever-spreading love divine is very catching—we’re all susceptible whether we know it or not—in its purest spiritual form, and creative outreach; what’s more, the Universal Creator, who is life eternal, love infinite, and omnipresent unity, in whom all things consist, and all personalities are centered, in all-love, for all-time, loves all equally; and, as we evolve in divine love, the Spirit of Love supremely evolves in us, for infinite love is an eternal part of the pure Deity of the First Great Source and Love Center, whose essence of infinity dwells in us, and in the fullness of time even this world will inevitably be made whole by this all-embracing, and highly contagious spiritual love.


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