Our Divine Spirit Nucleus Is Infinite In Love

Our God-Self is the inner spirit nucleus of the Universal Creator of love, whose gifted heavenly presence is the living locus, wherein the supreme relationship of ourself and the all-beautiful, all-loving indwelling Spirit—who initiates and embodies the spiritual potential of our immortal soul and eternal personality—converges; and, in mutual co-operation, to an ever-increasing extent, we’re interdependently—through love—fostering the soul-saving eternalization of an integrated, One-in-one interconnection with our mind-centered inner-Spirit—who enables us to spiritually soar, and worshipfully adore, through loving faith, the Divine Heart, inwardly residing as our everlasting spirit-core.

The governing spiritual power of this centralized inlying spirit of loving divinity is ever influenced, and abides by, our definitive whole-souled attitude, in recognition and execution—or lack thereof—of the divine will, for we are the determiners of the differential spiritual impact and effectualness of this divine presence of infinite love in our hearts and minds by our deliberate and sustained choices, the wholehearted decisions of mind, and the constant determinations of our personal will; when in agreement with the directives of the spiritualizing purpose, assignment, plan, and program of the attuning Spirit of Love, we in turn become ever-more Godlike, thus orienting our progressive ascension ever-Godward.

Our inherent freewill reactions and, sovereign liberty of choosing, in loving accord with the Universal Heart and Primal Personality of love, gives us the wherewithal of spirit insight to wisely select the ordained pathway, according to the divine leading of the indwelling Spirit, who bestows increasing spiritual presence in loving response to meeting one’s persistent spiritualization of thought, sincere motives, and faithful determinations; thereby, are we increasingly governed by our supernal Spirit-Self, in following the all-wise dictates of the gentle will of divinity, rising in spirit as we harmonize, synchronize, and spiritualize in the sublime manner of our Divine Spirit nucleus of infinite love.


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