Infinite Love The Divinely Beatific

There is a vibrate holy joy reverberating from the inner-spirit pulsations of the Divine Heart, who, with infinite love, spiritually adjusts the mind, and tunes the soul to exalted heights of spiritual elation, and, lovingly infuses the heart with a beatific goodness, and the enrapturing beauty of thrilling truth; this divinely inflowing and outgoing ecstatic spirit-love of the Eternal One, wills that all souls be blissfully inspired with spiritual rejoicing in the uplifting experience of truly loving one another, in oneness with the Creator’s indwelling Spirit of divine love.

The Spirit of Love’s innermost presence, and spiritually animating essence, is a love-joy entity, transmitting supreme happiness, superlative delight, and supernal blessedness to the love embraced soul; additionally, conferring a joyful, enduring peace to the personality, a heavenly state of exhilarating satisfaction, spiritual exultation, and, divine jubilation within one’s love touched, spiritually enamored heart; thus endowing the gladdened soul with a spiritual serenity and numinous beatitude, that reflects and projects the Creator’s highly personal all-lovingness, that unceasingly seeks altruistic expression through one’s spiritualizing heart.

For those who have found and, come to truly know the wonder-filling jubilance of the inmost God-Self of beatific love, there is an increasing celestial happiness that accrues, and rhapsodically permeates one’s whole being, en route to reaching others with the spiritual joy of divine love; as the human family becomes more enchantingly heart impressed and joyously filled with a pure love that is beatifically peaceful, divinely happy, and spiritually triumphant, the world over is destined to eventually become gloriously exultant in an elevating, escalating God-consciousness, and heartened with good cheer in the ever-growing sanctity of a loving exuberance, even now, spreading throughout the planet; rest assured, this blessed earthly sphere of ascending souls will inevitably come to realize a divinely beatific world, affectionately enfolded by the Eternal Creator of infinite love.


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